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If I Can’t Dance It’s Not My Revolution

Shake yourself into ecstatic truth!
Push and Pull by Janine Gordon
Push and Pull by Janine Gordon


Then along came language, social hierarchy, overinflated beliefs and the mirages of under-standing. Whereas human beings embodied the most important truths in the beginning, it all went to hell when we stilled our bodies and fed too many words to our minds.

Look at the oldest library in the world – the rock art of southern Africa. What we see are images of people dancing themselves into ecstasy. Many generations later the elders of the oldest living culture on Earth today, the Kalahari Bushmen, still know that the electrified body inspired by heightened feelings – rather than anything remotely related to a calm and still presence – is the master key to being fully alive.

What is most important has little or nothing to do with words and linguistic understanding. As the Bushmen say, words can trick us into believing anything. With word trickery we may end up worshipping a pile of elephant dung or a heap of metal. Somewhere between the early cradle of civilization and the internet, our species made the colossal mistake of proclaiming that words, theories and understandings are the roads to salvation and happiness. If this is true or even partially true, it means we have been misled for over a thousand years. The word games have led us to posit one form of gender, race, culture, nation, or religion as superior to others – thereby justifying any and all acts of arrogant greed, war and destruction of life and planet.

Religions and philosophies can never deliver the truth we most deeply desire. Our born destiny is the same as the first humans – to release our bodies, our whole beings, into feeling and expressing the deepest joy and ecstasy. In other words, dancing ourselves into heaven, enlightenment, peace and love. If there is anything history teaches, it is that words and understandings aren’t giving us anything but more of the same bullshit. We need to start up the wild drumming and shake off the words and stuck thoughts.

Push and Pull by Janine Gordon

If we don’t free ourselves to be ecstatically tuned and happy, we may continue going to hell while taking the planet down with us.

What does it mean to sound the revolution? Here’s a few teasers that provide some hints – remember, it can’t be said in words:

  • You gotta go beyond dance: no choreography, let the body be free to move without purpose.
  • Recognize that whatever the great mystery or god is, it hates all reasonable and tamed definitions.
  • Meditation without wild ecstasy is a dead end.
  • Don’t sit still when you are excited. Get up and move!
  • The wisdom of the East is as ignorant as the wisdom of the West. Look where both have gotten us. Let’s consider the wisdom of Mother Africa, the ancestral culture that honored rhythms more than words.
  • The revolution is through sounding it and allowing yourself to be fully shaken.
  • The trouble with gurus is that they don’t have a rhythm, they don’t shake and they don’t wiggle their ass.

This is the revolution: Shake everything up – your body, mind, heart, ideas, understandings and everyday routines. Shake yourself into ecstatic truth.

Bradford Keeney, PhD, chronicles the world’s healing practices in his 11-volume encyclopedia, Profiles of Healing. To learn more about the old ways of ecstatic shaking, visit

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Dont Get So Exc...

I think punk failed at being revolutionary. Che Guevera shirts decorate Wal Mart racks and Target now is part of Wal Mart. It's obvious that our middle class goals of a primitive world where we can safely eat baby back ribs failed. There is not much of future to look forward to unless it can be found on a cruelty-free label purchased in a supermarket. The romance of a Classical world has been dusted by Postmodern ideology and a future for creatives seems to exist only in the form of a government paycheck. I think we can safely say that punk agrees. What once seemed like the next I.R.A. movie has become a box top, folked up, safely digested, orange, candy coated revolution, easily-purchased and easily-rejected by the revolution itself and has been for quite awhile. Looney Tunes, Pumpkin Records, This is 50 dot com, military surplus, and the most hideous, ecological outdoor clothing. It's obvious that conceptually, many of us failed at making punk an Avante Garde art or adult-oriented revolutionary cinema. What we have left is Retro. Commercial compromise in the form of moshing and slam dancing. For who? The next punk star isnt going to sellout to stardom folks. You failed at making punk a superstar enterprise again.

Up the adult pu...

Im into good design. Sure oem of my ideas may seem Liberal but some of My ideas are just as Democratic and Conservative. I'm into action, cinema, art, to escape the drudgery of what living in microeconomic economy has left us. Drugs only seemed to hinder my creative expression. If punk is revolutionary then it sure isnt serious thats why moshing, slamming, and a reactionary form of racial intolerance towards nonprofit punk - entertainmnt about activism, makes no sense at all. You all are fighting an imaginary enemy. Eat your baby back ribs, drink your factory farmed milk, enjoy vegetarianism and corporate Liberal nutritionists no different than Atkins. Enjoy cancer, after all, you only have one life to live. It's a free country. Do it your own way. Nonprofits like PETA aren't out to stop you from enjoying freedom, just to help you be more responsible. If you want to be.

Quit being LSD reactionaries and start living in reality. Try vegan and cruelty free products. Dont be afraid to ask the govt for help coping with a toxified world. Thats what they're there for!


Punk is people who are bored with institutional art, Classicism, Romanticism, and the revolutionary concept of God and religion itself. You know, If you sin, I send you to Hell.

Punk is not really a p.c. race issue - maybe in a mainstream Hollywood sense but its really just an art form. So, religion and punk, well it seems to be mostly another excuse for punk rock to be mainstream bringing to mind Classic Rock hits like Stairway to Heaven. Sure rock is punk but its also the most sexist, speciesist, homophobic, and revolting form of music ever made as far as entertainment is concerned and bringing religion into it will only kill punk once and for all.

Revolutionary E...

The reason we thrive on this kind of entertainment is obviously because that's the way life really is still. Education about sex, revolution, and war is not only entertaining, it keeps us from being brainwashed by everyday experiences with religious indoctrination.

Punk wont go away because the world is still full of revolutionary experiences. Whether good or bad, i think it is a neutral learning experience for all of us but when i think of moshing or slamdancing i think of people who are trying to actualize homophobia and racial prejudice into their lives. Punk is never going to be a serious revolution no matter how documentative it is and slamming along with moshing only proves that sexism, religion, and macho behavior keeping the female brainwashed and oppressed by the macho male stereotype holds steadfast which is why punk needs to let go of its stupid brain dead formulaic macho attitude and move away from the mainstream not further towards it. Dancing is punk slamming and moshing and trying to be the next discovered pseudo-terrorist isnt. Get a brain. Noone finds you to be punk while youre living in your stupid little Pushead Thrash fantasy.

Hollywood and N...

Finally punk is a practical joke perhaps schizophobic performance art created by Andy Warhol himself? Who knows?

Anyways punk is obnoxious, revolting, rude, religiously insulting, racy, sexually primordial and always will be.

to claim we are prejduice, racists, sexists, and homophobes is being way to p.c. about something that is no different than Hollywood entertainment and any punk who takes punk seriously is obviously a victim of some kind of religious or revolutionary abuse. Punk is my way of coping with shit. When i feel angry its alot easier to put a revolutionary war movie into a TV set than to go out and slam or mosh into people acting like some racially-prejudiced and religiously brainwashed moron. Alot of it is because the music doesnt really impress me enough to make me a moron theoretically also. There is music out there that is way more revolting than punk, sure its punk but its just way more Avante Garde and conceptually disgusting.

Why? Parody!

Parody is the way punk ridicules govt, military, religion, and authority in general.

Without parody punk becomes revolutionary itself, therefore destroying what punk actually is.

Punk will always be tongue in cheek parody and filled with alot of trendy marketing ideas whether d.i.y. or not.

Satire became punk when straight edge began to think about issues such as womens rights eco rights animal rights and human rights

As satire punk can be stifling but to think punk is seriously right wing is like assuming Fugazi is seriously right wing which i highly doubt.

as a graphic artist and designer parody i realize parody is what keeps punk alive and of course everything i do in punk tends to merge satire and parody together. sure i think nonprofit music has no become a neutral cause but it always was to begin with

punk will never change anything

part of human evolution is for humans to make mistakes and learn from them
im not rushing anyone which is why i find moshing and slamming so uneducated and ignorant

Rumours. Are We...

I doubt it. Most the teenagers spreading rumours about me are the same ones trying to hide the fact that someday they might have to make a revolutionary choice also. To label it as, "Oh, he's teh Communist racist not me," or, "Look at me I want attention, that guys a white Democrat so he must be a Nazi," is more politically-correct insulting and lewd foreign behavior that frankly we shoudl just blow off. Noone really cares about racial prejudice and frankly neither do I but when it begins to make me feel uncomfortable as if some schizophbic activist cases loaded on drugs and prejudice really do think I'm the center of attention that also begins to make me uncomfortable and feel like at east telling people not to go to where there p.c. prejudiced behavior is occuring. Sadly, I have found Adbusters to be at those locations even though its mostly a tongue-in-cheek, pseudo-revolutionary documentative publication that I myself enjoy reading. In my opinion it's mostly college dropouts - students who have nothing better to do than act like p.c. vigilantes and thugs when it comes to racial preference. Over and over again, I've felt as if there is some kind of anti-neutral stance occurring in punk that makes no logical sense. It seems as if America as a people have become the next terrorists and victims and it makes me highly uncomfortable to think people assume I'm a revolutionary or a govt ripoff.


there is some truth to this... i don't trust anyone who doesn't have a sense of rhythm because it's the side of the brain which feels empathy when we see others hurting. hence we can say that academics missed this point big time because all u see are bunch of rigid aholes who want nothing but their work to shine rather than produce something that enlightens others. Creativity it's crucial both theory and right brained people are needed in today's age.


there is some truth to this... i don't trust anyone who doesn't have a sense of rhythm because it's the side of the brain which feels empathy when we see others hurting. hence we can say that academics missed this point big time because all u see are bunch of rigid aholes who want nothing but their work to shine rather than produce something that enlightens others. Creativity it's crucial both theory and right brained people are needed in today's age.


I have a sense of rhythm, and I can't feel empathy. It's not my fault that I don't feel empathy. I just can't, no matter how hard I try.


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