iZeniZen89The Ecopsychology Issue[ssp|path=magazine/89/multimedia/izen|width=363|height=500|path-to-ssp=files/ssp/ssp-small.swf][ssp|path=magazine/89/multimedia/izen_L|width=920|height=710|path-to-ssp=files/ssp/ssp-large-nocaps.swf]Try this spiritual exercise to kick off your Digital Detox Week.

April 18 – 24, 2011 is Digital Detox Week. Here’s some inspiration for your digital cleanse.

Find a relatively busy place, stand still and do nothing for ten minutes. Observe what goes on within and without you. Take off your clothes and observe your body in the mirror. See it as naked for five minutes then see it as nude for five minutes. Before you eat your dinner, observe what’s on your plate for three minutes. Eat it without utensils. Walk for one hour – not in this city, not in this state, not in this country. Walk, rather, for one hour on the Earth without knowing in advance where you are going.

Bernard McGrane, Adbusters #8

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Finally someone who gets it...

The fight for freedom has now left the realm of the body and is entering into the virtual world.

Everything from our food supply to the daily necessities that our bodies can no longer live without are controlled by forces much greater than us and to try and re-do what has already been setup no longer seems like a viable alternative.

But the fight for the freedom of thought, expression, and social interaction has only just begun.

For those unaware I implore you to study the case of "The Pirate Bay vs Large Movie Corporations"

What you think is a just cause of copyright infringement on the internet is a political coup filled with biased judges bribed officers and the sudden emerge of a new political movement.

The choice is still yours


Wow ... this is a joke right? ... why do I feel as though there is someone snickering and leaning over to their co-worker saying "We got them to stand naked in front of a mirror" .. look at how you are being manipulated here ... seriously ... look at it.

Look - it's not that I don't understand the whole addicted to distraction thing - it's not that I don't understand the whole manipulated by 'corporate' message thing ... it's that what I see here is the playing into the hands of the whole 'corporate' message ... keeping everyone helpless.

Seriously - it's all in the narrative ... what happens in this world and each individual world is dependent upon the story we tell ... I get 'twitchy' when I sense manipulation and boy this smacks of emotional manipulation.

Standing naked in front of a mirror is going to 'detox' you from your digital 'addiction'? This slips into the mainstream 'internet addiction' theme and the overall 'addiction' addiction this society has. Asking people to pause and look at their dependence on their devices is one thing but setting up one more thing to fear only makes it worse. Now we have the guilt of our digital slavehood hanging over our head?

No - I am very aware that I am 'attached' to my online world ... I have cut the mainstream media chord and haven't had cable television service in years - I chose what I pay attention to and understand that we are ALL subject to manipulating forces. I don't need to stand naked in front of a mirror contemplating how often I check in to Twitter. This is emotional manipulation ... another ad campaign ... plain and simple. It's why I cut the chord on my television ... and it's the worst kind ... wearing the cloak of savior.

Now go back to your naked reflection and think about how you ended up there ... because the internet told you to ;-).

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