iZeniZen89The Ecopsychology Issue[ssp|path=magazine/89/multimedia/izen|width=363|height=500|path-to-ssp=files/ssp/ssp-small.swf][ssp|path=magazine/89/multimedia/izen_L|width=920|height=710|path-to-ssp=files/ssp/ssp-large-nocaps.swf]Try this spiritual exercise to kick off your Digital Detox Week.

April 18 – 24, 2011 is Digital Detox Week. Here’s some inspiration for your digital cleanse.

Find a relatively busy place, stand still and do nothing for ten minutes. Observe what goes on within and without you. Take off your clothes and observe your body in the mirror. See it as naked for five minutes then see it as nude for five minutes. Before you eat your dinner, observe what’s on your plate for three minutes. Eat it without utensils. Walk for one hour – not in this city, not in this state, not in this country. Walk, rather, for one hour on the Earth without knowing in advance where you are going.

Bernard McGrane, Adbusters #8

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Hello Bernard,

It's a really great post. Ironically, my number is also 8.

I have done all of these things, and live by this creed. I recently got rid of all of my clothes, and kept only two sets of the same thing. Uniform life is simple and frees your mind from the BS brainwashing of fashion and this crazy world around us.

I agree with you, i use a self-imposed uniform, all my tshirts and shirts are white, i use bluejeans. Sometimes I look at something for a while if i find it delightful or beauty. With no obligations to the branded world the mind starts to relax, a cotinuous smile emerges and suddenly you are laughing out of nowhere for no reazon but you are happy, walking becomes the natural option to be in touch with the rest of humanity.

Is it not hypocritical to post a "Digital Detox" article on the internet?

Am I the only one who finds this amusingly oxymoronic?

10. Detox and be rid of your addiction
20. Come back next week to check the news
30. Input error, can not compute
40. end


yes, the paradoxical forms of rebellion have become commonplace, as we all stare at our hypocritical faces in the reflections of our telescreens...and attempt to change the machine from the inside, because the truth is we all love these toys...toys that promise glory, like a vegas slot machine...
but here i am again pulling the lever...
despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage (smashing pumpkins)
Krs - you would dig globatron.org

Hi Ken

Yes the world is indeed a vampire...

As we suck on the cultural crackpipe that promises us complete freedom, no borders and endless entertainment we are slowly destroying ourselves...we all know it and yet we came back for just one more hit...

I checked globatron.org and I do like it!!!

I will see you there!

I don't find it particularly hypocritical, as it is obvious how powerful a medium the internet is. The suggestions and information posted isn't somehow cheapened due to it being on a website. Attempting to point that out vs. discussing anything positive or negative about the article seems wasteful.

i think the point was that it was amusing...an exposure of the utter impossibility of de-digitizing...maybe another word that is useful is humbling...i think the idea is great and i wholly support it...but let's not lose our sense of humor

"To save someone from drowning you have to jump in the water with them"

I like this allegory, it puts things in a different light!

But as long as we are arguing the point.

If there is an actual need to detox then you would presume that what we are dealing with is actually some kind of poison that does not have a positive impact on the human body, or mind,(hence the term toxin).

Now I doubt that there is any detox program available that advocates an abstention period after which you are welcome to abuse whatever substance is actually in question.

So the article is telling me (whether it be on the internet or not) to abstain from using digital products and instead take a look at myself in the mirror (hence the pictures) and realize that I am still human and love this fact.

If I can do this for a week then I will have cleared my conscience and am once again free to indulge in frivolous digital activity.

That would be the same as a philosophy (in strict logical terms bear in mind) that says "Let's stop eating McDonalds for a week and then we can have our Big Mac's again"

I would have held the author in higher esteem had he said "This will be my last post on the internet ever, from here on I will create a secular society that uses no digital technology at all"


Does true rebellion exist is a paradox? When will we admit that the choice is made? We've chosen digital and all of the negatives that go with it. A one week 'vacation' from the poisons of electronic suffocation is a statement. It is not a rebellion, because it does not change a pattern of behavior. It only asks that we look at ourselves and what we've become before returning to the stale, boring existence we call 'living.' When will we learn that true revolution requires a complete shift in the way we live... in the way we think? Have we forgotten that we have a choice and that we are all, collectively, united behind the very system we love to hate. It's promise of freedom is the carrot that keeps us moving, fighting to survive.


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