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We were high on the thrill of early capitalism. We loved the cars, the airplanes, the endless aisles of mega marts teeming with mass-produced goodies. We loved the validation that each new purchase brought. And then came the technology: the flat screens, MacBooks, iPhones and Xboxes. Every technological breakthrough made us feel more connected, more human and more whole. But then the economy collapsed and we began to tumble … suddenly we weren’t so sure anymore. The line between necessity and luxury – once blurred beyond distinction – came into sudden, violent focus. What pleasure is there in a 50-inch plasma if you don’t have a wall to hang it on? What joy does a brand new automobile bring if climate change looms large on the horizon? The wisdom of credit, and the attendant practice of living well beyond our means, suddenly hit home. And now, as belts tighten and paradigms crumble, we are beginning to hear the first whispers of a post-consumer era … the dawning of a post-materialist age.


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Since the time of Rome it's been 'Bread & Circus'. Those in power, who wish to stay in power, know that they are only 7 days away from a revolution should they not be able to feed & sate their populations hunger & security. This is power 101. We will never leave the middle east until every last drop of oil is extracted. If we do then you will tear your neighbors from limb to limb trying to feed your family & remain safe. How did we get here then ? Aren't there agencies that look forward ? Yes & No. While we fund these agencies they don't share information with the public. Knowledge is power. But all we need is to get the economy started again and everything will work out right ? There is no economy, never has been. USURY is the world in which you live but don't realize it. Watch a DVD on YouTube called 'MONEY AS DEBT'. It's broken into 4 parts. It's a simple animated tutorial on understanding what money really is and how the game works & who controls it. There are no conspiracy theories in this DVD, no racial or ethnic or religious bigotry woven in - just the facts about money. It goes to the very heart of the matter way beyond the blame game of Goldman Sachs & wall street. Without solving this one issue there will never be a free society who's government listens to them & works for them. ( Watch the DVD ... be patient, really listen and finish it. Things worth knowing take investment ).

This is not power 101. It is democracy 101. The politicians work for the people and should they stray off the path they promise we lash out. In order to please the people you must adhere to what they wish. If a politician is doing that it is not a reflection of his corruption but the will of the masses. This is hands down the most advanced way to conduct ourselves. In other countries like Iran, there is rebellion but it only leads to skull cracking. Their leaders do not fear the people because the people have no power. Why would we ever look to change any of the oldest democracies like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia when it serves the individual so well. Yes even you Adbuster.

What I see as the underlying theme of posters here is your general distaste for your fellow man. You assume that once we leave our borders we are mauraders. Inside them we continually enslave the stupid, con the gullible, and work to inflict misery on each other. This is and can only a product of ignorance. Look around you, see how we conduct ourselves inside our borders, and around he world. It is the west that fosters freedom, don't foget that. Art, Science, Individuality, Choas, Creativity, are all byproducts of freedom. All things you find valuable in life come from places that carry themselves in the way we do.

Grow up, start working, and if you still have such a chip on your shoulder check out Iran, Cuba, Russia, Africa (yes all of it), China and see what its like to live without that which we have been perfecting overthe last century.

happiness is a state of mind entirely independent upon material commodities. even if one has been conditioned to the point of accepting the notion, fault is still within the individuals perception of their reality. the ability to walk away from what used to matter to foster something new is an adaptation many beings on this planet rely upon, for us at least, attachment is asphyxiation...we are realizing this. money is a human creation, all created things dissolve, disappear. the same can be said of any structure. why dwell on external machinations, and yield to the power you give them?

past paradigms diminish as they are given less importance
why work within a failed system
when a new one can always be crafted

it has been said fear and laziness are the two most common attributes of humanity, at the current moment.
all you can do, is what you choose too
critical mass and synergy lend a helping hand


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