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We were high on the thrill of early capitalism. We loved the cars, the airplanes, the endless aisles of mega marts teeming with mass-produced goodies. We loved the validation that each new purchase brought. And then came the technology: the flat screens, MacBooks, iPhones and Xboxes. Every technological breakthrough made us feel more connected, more human and more whole. But then the economy collapsed and we began to tumble … suddenly we weren’t so sure anymore. The line between necessity and luxury – once blurred beyond distinction – came into sudden, violent focus. What pleasure is there in a 50-inch plasma if you don’t have a wall to hang it on? What joy does a brand new automobile bring if climate change looms large on the horizon? The wisdom of credit, and the attendant practice of living well beyond our means, suddenly hit home. And now, as belts tighten and paradigms crumble, we are beginning to hear the first whispers of a post-consumer era … the dawning of a post-materialist age.


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The reality is that America's economy is so reliant upon consumer spending that if we did all become post-consumers, we would all end up getting poorer because of it. This may be a good thing on an ideological level but our Chinese creditors will eventually start calling in our multi-trillion dollar debt and if we can't pay in cash, we may have to liquidate our state assets to pay them.

that's an easy fix... the states can just give china some land... and I've got a great idea... lets give them the rich peoples land... then the rich people will have to buy the middle classes land. Wow... some times the easiest solutions are right under our noses.

Yeah you poor people should have less and less so that my friends and I can have more and more! This makes perfect sense. My pool could be twice as big if the middle class would just sputter out of existence. Welcome to serfdom! Get used to it. The global elite have been talking to me about ways that we can prevent any further improvement of living standards among the poor and the less material=happiness angle sounds like just the science we need to stamp our boot on progress! Welcome to the New World Order fuckbags.

yeh but technology moves so fast i cant make all my crazy inventions in time. over half the world hasnt made a phone call yet, american internet porn is yet to be beamed through every eyeball, jewish and non jew alike. reliance on this or that doesnt matter, we just want food and water and something to do. more people are miserable so we have a greater common bond with people now. our community grows. happiness divides us. change this or that, wear eco shoes have an eco evaluator app on yr iphone, who gives a fk. its cold, i cant afford heating but i have jumpers, theres is no get out to all of this, im made to work im made unemployed im made to wait. theres nothing they can do about climate change. ffs how amazing do they think they are to want to be able to fix a planet. im on my 4th kettle. im still in my twenties. how many fkin kettles am i going to get through in a lifetime ffs. fix a planet? fix a fking kettle. there working on the science of the perfect pouring from a tea, apparently its a physics wowow. drips and all. wtf? 'scientists say' that some scientists are wasting funding. why dont they all just forget the idiotic spaceballs, and every fking scientist start concentrating on disease cures. let us die happy with every pleasurable consumable there is. i dont want to die in a wastleland of me and retro computer fair with only preserved amiga 400s, some boxed some not. lets reward the creative spirit to entertain us, buy the stuff we want, if we dont want entertaining thats easy, do whatever the fk u want. but when the time comes for cheering up, every conceivable momentry joy is there to buy. cant afford it but still want it? thieving and self reflection are your escapes. [email protected]

Global Warming and human-influenced climate change is a myth....and governments have been manipulating the data in support of this myth. These links we fetched off of the Drudge Report today:

Let me know if you need more.....

I'm not either....just an independent thinker who has the ability to see beyond what the government and Zionist controlled media tries to bullshit me with.

Man-made global warming is the same thing as the Iraq war....Lies and conspiracy.

Don't take my word for your own research!

Good luck with "do your own research" because all scientific journals and institutions accept man-made global warming as FACT. As my ecology professor says, There is NO debate among scientists. You may find a few who do not "believe" in it, but most of they are highly likely from paid organizations like the oil companies "friends of science"

(Climate Change is the preferred term as it encompasses the whole effect rather than the pure temperature imbalance)

How about YOU look at some REAL scientific research. A disclaimer is, yes, scientists have been wrong as a whole before.

But from the horror that will ensue if they are right, is it really worth keeping the status quo? Will cutting back pollution ever be a bad thing?

Also, please view this article in Nature, one of the most reputable scientific journals around.


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