Adbusters 77 The Global Moment

Adbusters #77, MAY/JUNE 2008

The Global Moment


The Global Moment


The US presidential elections may finally start the revolution the rest of the world has been waiting for.


After a decade of conservative rule, Australia's is redressing its past so the country can move forward.


By creating "staged situations" Tino Sehgal forces his audiences to confront art.


Leonard Asper is distorting Canada's national discourse.


Armed with potent drugs and technology, a dangerous breed of soldiers will fight America’s future wars.

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Life and Death of Susan Sontag

The Global Moment

Susan Sontag

When the life Sontag loved fell away and the death she feared took over, relaxation set into her body for the first time, a smile appeared on her lips and her brow unfurled.

East Meets West by Yang Liu

The Global Moment

East Meets West

In her iconic series, Chinese-born, German-raised artist Yang Liu uses simple pictograms depicting key cultural differences between East and West. China is represented by the red side and Germany by the blue.
Capitalism Under Assault

Capitalism Under Assault

The system is busted. That much is clear. Now many people are experimenting with alternatives. Roberto Mangabeira Unger has long been one of those on the cutting edge of fundamental reform. Finally he has the chance to change the course of history.

Showing 17 articles from the print edition of Adbusters Magazine