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Banksy Bombs

When street artist Banksy's pictures appeared on the West Bank "partition wall," they drew the world's attention to the barrier in ways that protest and op-ed pieces could not.

When street artist Banksy's pictures mysteriously appeared on the West Bank "partition wall" in 2005, they drew the world's attention to the barrier in ways that dozens of protests and op-ed pieces could not.

Proposed in 1992 by former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, the concrete and razor-wire wall was originally planned to follow the 350-kilometer Green Line (the 1949 armistice line from the Arab-Israeli war). Currently, the barrier runs over 600 kilometers as it winds to encapsulate Israeli settlements in the West Bank. For the Israelis, the wall represents increased security from terrorist attacks, as well as a way to consolidate the legitimacy of settlements. For the Palestinians, the wall symbolizes apartheid and economic oppression, separating thousands of West Bank residents from their workplaces, their schools, and their former farmlands. To the rest of the world, the wall represents a geopolitical impasse in the heart of the Middle East.

Banksy returned to the West Bank in December 2007, leaving six new drawings on the wall near Bethlehem. In the same month, Dutch activist group Sendamessage invited people from around the world to leave their own mark: for a fee of €30, Sendamessage commissions locals to spray-paint requested messages on the wall, sending snapshots of the finished text via email.

This publicity comes at a critical time. The disastrous war in Lebanon left Israel in a fragile position, its myth of invincibility shattered and the credibility of its leaders deeply undermined. The seven-year silence between Israel and Palestine was finally broken by peace talks in Annapolis last year. And in January, President Bush made his strongest public statement yet pushing Israel to give up land for an independent Palestine.

Timing is key. The wall is only two years from completion. Already, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has announced that Israel's borders will be expanded and redrawn around the partition wall in 2010, jeopardizing what little hope remains for peace. Artists and activists around the world are putting a spotlight on the barrier to prevent this from taking place. Whether it be stencil drawings or a graffiti scrawl, their message is the same: "Tear this wall down!"

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I think everyone here needs to open their perspectives a little. I was born Jewish and converted to Islam. Similarly I was raised radically Kahane Zionist and now fight for the Palestinian cause. In all that time Ive realized something. To oppose Israel is not antisemitic but undoubtedly Antisemitism can fuel such opposition. This antisemitism denies the Jews of Europe the right to have sought a home anywhere after the holocaust. They had that right. I do however recognize the devastating cost of that rights current realization. Jews worked with the western powers and the Ottoman Empire. They did not forge their state in cooperation with the people already here. Instead many took up that hatred or apathy towards the humanity of the Palestinians that had for so long gone hand in hand with European antismitism and they expelled hundreds of thousands of people. The Palestinians have the right to resistance and in that train of thought suicide bombing needs to be seen as a secular act, unforgivable when it targets innocents but fueled by sociopolitical desperation. Hatred exists on both sides and a solution will not be readily found until both sides give up that hatred. Israel who holds the balance of power must take up the duty of leading the issue away from hatred.


Just one thing i would like to say, unrelated to the article: please people either use your proper name or one that is neutral, don't try to impersonate others in an attempt to validate your arguments.


50 years ago a solution was offered, and rejected by the Palestinians. So, what now?!! Maybe the English should come back?!!!! what now?


what hope? when countries that have been seen to be honest, like the UK can commit war crimes and come out unpunished by international law, the UN.
what hope? when countries like america can supply Israeli people with money to build on land that is not theirs, suppress a nation economically and politicly and kill innocent people without punishment. why do we still wonder why kids, in the UK in particular, don't believe in letting live. how much noise do we need to make to be heard?

Sheik Ahmed Yassin

The Palestinians aren't unanimously pleased with Banksy's pieces, especially where they are portrayed as rats and donkeys.


I'm an artist and i can honestly say that art will not do a damn thing in this situation :/
is their a solution to this problem? hell yeah, but it comes with people talikng to each other. look up PEACE GROUPS IN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE. some army people on both sides have even started peace groups because they are sick of all the killing. You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi


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