Adbusters 73 Carbon Neutral Culture

Adbusters #73, SEP/OCT 2007

Carbon Neutral Culture


Carbon Neutral Culture

Iran vs. The United States of Amnesia

Deborah Campbell on the forgotten crimes of the West in Persia.

It Will All Fall Down

A conversation with Seymour Hersh.

The Death of Canadian Journalism

Sean Condon on the homegrown media giant that's holding the nation hostage.

Grandma vs. Carbon!

How some very sweet old people taught me how not to trash the planet, by Clayton Dach.

Bush on the Couch

Matt Taibbi delves into the psyche of America's sickest president.

Plus opinion and analysis by Matt Taibbi, Michael J. Copps, Bridget Griffen-Foley, Joshua Farley, Granville Williams, Dee Hon, Uri Avnery, Erci Johnston, Tom Green, David R. Loy...

Images by Leah Tinari, Dash Snow, Daniel Edward, Didier Massard, KOZYNDAN, Matt Nighswander, Francesco Vezzoli, Tony De Marco, Marjane Satrapi, Relja Penezic, Robert and Shana Parkharrison...

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The Simple Life: How To Bring The Land Back To Us

Long before organic grocery stores and hybrid cars, our grandparents led the kind of sustainable lifestyle that everyone from environmentalists to celebrities are now endorsing. As the world struggles with its ecological crisis, it's time to look back at how the previous generations lived if we want to save the planet for the next.

Carbon Neutral Culture

Thanks for the Memories: Australian Media After the Packers

During the lazy lacuna of the 2005 Christmas break, the Australian "silly season" was suddenly interrupted by the serious when the country's richest man, media magnate Kerry Packer, died of kidney failure. One of the most influential, colorful and controversial figures in Australia, Packer's death marked the end of a momentous era.

The Death of Canadian Journalism

In a crowded bar in downtown Vancouver, a group of reporters from the city's main daily newspaper, The Vancouver Sun, gather after work to do what most people revel in after a long week at the office: bitch about the boss. While images of the Iraq War, Wal-Mart and Kid Rock quickly flash and disappear on the television screens above them, editors are mocked, columnists are ridiculed and the paper their bylines appear in is panned up and down.

The Cure for the Iraq War Hangover

Remember Stripes, Bill Murray's take on American self-esteem after Vietnam? "We're American soldiers!" Murray famously joked. "We've been kicking ass for 200 years! We're 10-1!" Well, make it 10-2. Which begs the question: exactly how much is this postwar period going to suck?

Prairie Fire: The New China's New Unrest

It was the bloodiest clash between Chinese police and civilians since Tiananmen Square. On a December evening in 2005, hundreds of paramilitary police descended on Dongzhou, a fishing village in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. At seven o'clock, security forces fired tear gas canisters erupting into a crowd that had gathered to protest a power plant being built in the hills. The demonstrators didn't disperse, so at eight o'clock, police began shooting into the dirt with their AK-47s. "Finally," one witness said, "at about 10 pm, they started killing people."

It Will All Fall Down: A Conversation with Seymour Hersh

Seymour Hersh stands out as a preeminent chronicler of US power. In 2006, he revealed that the administration was considering a nuclear strike on Iran, and reported that the US had encouraged Israel to plan and execute the war against Lebanon, in which more than a thousand Lebanese civilians were killed. If the aim of journalism is to hold the powerful to account, Hersh is a towering example on how to do just that.

Battles with Big Pharma

In the law of the market, businesses charge whatever they think the market will bear – except in medicine, where costs come weighed with moral dilemmas. Now, some countries are telling drug companies they won't pay.

Carbon Neutral Culture

The Resistible Rise of Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has come to secure a firm and powerful grip around the throat of the United Kingdom's media. The self-described "billionaire tyrant" now controls nearly 40 percent of the national press, owns one of the world's biggest book publishers, and has monopoly control over the country's satellite television service.

São Paulo: A City Without Ads
Carbon Neutral Culture

São Paulo: A City Without Ads

In 2007, the world's fourth-largest metropolis and Brazil's most important city, São Paulo, became the first city outside of the communist world to put into effect a radical, near-complete ban on outdoor advertising.

Monotech: What agribusiness has done to the honeybee

Honeybees are hardly the developed world's first species to suffer a quick, curious demise in their number. "We're the ultimate cause in that we've changed the planet to suit our needs. We're running it to suit our needs and not to the benefit of all the organisms around us," explained Jeffery Pettic...

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