Blueprint for a New World, Part 1: Psycho


Nations, like people, have festering psychic wounds.

Iranian hostage crisis 1979

Mainstream American media sees Iran as a perpetrator. Whenever Iran is mentioned on CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS or even in the pages of The New York Times, you’ll get an image-orgy of the 1979–1981 hostage crisis.

You’ll see the American embassy in Tehran ransacked by revolutionaries and 52 of its staff held hostage for 444 days, and you’ll learn how humiliating this was for President Carter and the American people.

What you won’t be told is why the Iranian revolutionaries were so livid with anger.

For most of the 20th century, Iran was pillaged by the West, first by Britain, and then by the United States. These two empires did whatever was necessary to keep cheap Persian oil flowing. Murder. Torture prisons. Death Squads. Puppet tyrants. Thousands killed for resisting. Since the 1920’s Britain controlled Iran’s resources with underhanded politics and military might.

Then in 1951 a secular leader named Mohammad Mosaddegh became the first democratically elected leader of the country and he set out to nationalize Iran’s oil industry . . . to bring the resources back.

This idea was so popular, so powerful, that Britain needed help. They called the CIA.

Within a few months, America and Britain agreed on a plan . . .

Mosaddegh was taken out in a CIA-led coup and left under permanent house arrest. The dictator – the Shah – was put back into power, this time with renewed Western arms deals and American assurances the he’d be given a carte blanche to use the terrifying SAVAK secret police network however he saw fit.

What would Iran look like today had the fledging democracy’s head not been chopped off, its resources ransacked, its sovereignty stolen and its people demonized for daring to fight back?

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Jim (the other one)

And you didn't even mention Flight 655, the Iranian civilian airliner shot down by the US Navy, killing 290 people, including 66 children.


Good point. I fear the true psychic wound happened in Western thought a long time ago and left us all feeble minded. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense why we constantly vilify the Other and wash away our own sins and wrongdoings. We are freaking oil addicts, let us just face it.

My Money

To which the US paid $65 million dollars and Iran accepted. If you would like to give us back the 65 million you can gladly keep yapping.


The NCRI is comprised of 25 committees that act as shadow ministries. The committees are responsible for expert research and planning for future Iran. For more Information visit

My Money

To which the us paid $65 million and Iran accepted. If you would like to give us back the $65 million you can continue your rant.

John Cocktoaston

This is the first article in Adbusters worth reading in months. The Iranians clearly have good reason to be angry, yet we gloss over all of that. The U.S. has been the most warlike, least trustworthy country in the world for a century.


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