The Big Ideas of 2047

Doom Diary #1

The end of the line.

This diary entry is #1 in a series of journal entries that have arrived in our lap from beyond the horizon of now ... the journey begins in the summer of 2020 and ends in the winter of 2047.

July 3, 2020

Shit … can’t reach our distributor anymore … our VanCity account is down to zero … I was just hoping for some last payments to keep us alive.

Got in my car and went to the office to see if anything was delivered there. The highways were all but empty. Stef, Kyle, Darren, Natalie, Wendee, Jen … no one was there … that’s it I guess.

Standing alone in the doorway … it was like one of those last-one-to-leave-the-office-before-the-holidays moments. We had a lot of good times here. I’d burn it down out of honor, but I still got a bit of hope left that something weird and wonderful could happen. Maybe some reboot switch somewhere will be magically flicked on.

I left a note and the keys to the crawl space on my desk in case anyone comes by.

Everyone is hiding indoors waiting to see what happens next. Like a chess match. A game of chicken. Listening to the furnace kick in … no heat … I made my decision.

I’m not going to stick around to see what happens when the stores in the city run out of stuff. I heard that the armed forces and the RCMP have set up perimeters around all the big box stores … that means the countryside will be bare and wild.

I’ll go and try to buy a gun from that biker guy in Matsqui and then head off inland … maybe hook up with Andrew and the Rainbow people who, last I heard, were camped somewhere near Osoyoos … try my hardest to talk Lillian into coming with me.

. . .

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thanks for the article, I was looking for something of the sort. It is hard for me to believe such situation (food supply to cities interrupted-militarized) might come as quick as 2020. Yet such point has been days away from happening in certain parts of Indonesia during the recent extreme weather floods. Any idea where I could find information to understand a realistic time-table of the harsh times to come?

Elias Halcrow

I don't know much with my Grade 12 education since I have not yet graduated, but this issue really put me in awe of a sense of disparity. I have a somewhat simple question, this July 3rd 2020 The End of the Line. Is it the collective idea set on one biased belief? Or accuretly accounted information gathered. No offense



Yo, your "grade 12 education" has probably taught you a great deal more than you think! it's not about the grade level, it's about the level of interest and understanding you have of your environment and culture. taste test the perspectives

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