The Big Ideas of 2047

Doom Diary #8

Beyond the spiritual wasteland ...

This is #8 of a series of diary entries that have arrived in our lap from beyond the horizon of now. The journey begins on July 3, 2020 and continues on March 6, 2020, January 1, 2021, July 9, 2022, January 3, 2023, February 2023 and March 4, 2023 . . . continuing all the way to the year 2047.

March 19, 2023

I feel lost. Scared. Don’t know what to do.

But we’re all feeling lost these days. No wise elders to take our hands and walk us through the treacherous path that lies ahead.

What heroes are there to look up to that have conquered a demon as big as this?

“Climate change” ... why don’t we call it something else already? Like the name of a beast in a Greek tragedy, one of those cannibalistic demigods, like Lamia, Medea or Medusa, who threatens to eat all of her children? Yeah, that would be more fitting ...

We had the Greek Tragedies to show us our frailty at the hands of desire…and Hamlet to teach us that thinking too much prevents action. we had the Odyssey to teach us the importance of humility and the Bible warned us many times over about greed, corruption, injustice and hatred. The Koran taught us the importance of limits while the Bhagavad Gita showed us the importance of duty and sacrifice. but right now ... we have no oracle ... no repository of ancient wisdom ... 
to guide us through this dark time.

March 21

There’s a real healer among us! She’s a one-of-a-kind old soul. I don’t know how we ever survived without someone like her before the crash.

She applies herbs from the garden to my cuts and bruises and advises me on what I need to eat more of based on the tinge of my iris. She checks my pulse and tells me I need to laugh more and start eating meat again.

A few days ago she looked at my tongue and told me I needed to make love to Lil daily at sunrise for one month. My old shrink never said that to me. And when Lil has bouts of anxiety ... she not only calms her down but transports her to this whole new dimension of insight.

I twisted my ankle the other day and as she was fixing it ... it was as if she was fixing every other part of me that’s ever been twisted and mangled and broken.

Sure, she teaches us how to heal our aches and pains and our digestion, our in-grown toenails and our infections, but what she’s really doing … is teaching us how to live and die.

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The doom series are very cool, they intertwine creative narrative with quite a lot of content and ideas. My only critique is the entries are rather optimistic about the fast pace of the system decay. I wonder if side by side to scenes like the ones mentioned in this entry, there will be big megacorp cities and exclusive clubs for the very very rich. Or if the doomness of the doom ahead will happen simultaneously in all countries. Again, some of these entries could be yesterday's news in some parts of the world.


With Micah gone, Adbusters has lost its spirit. Looking for real activist content? Andy Merrifield is now writing for

no fate but wha...

^i feel as though we've resigned ourselves to defeat after having our collective balls stomped on so many activist actions (occupy, obama not being the white knight of hope and change, the crash of 2008, domestic spying, crucifying whistleblowers, the egyptian revolution going full circle, activist movements discredited/infiltrated by security agency spies etc, etc)


Those criticizing the doom series should check Zizek's book "Living in the End of Times". The lacanian master of tic disorders could not be more eloquent there: we blew it, the system is beyond redemption or reform. Understanding and accepting this does not imply being negative or even pessimistic, neither does it mean to resign ourselves to defeat. Rather it forces us to be stoic and prepare better to whatever comes next… even if it is not much.


I admit this narrative is a bit emotional, but it also portrays a future we can expect to face where abundance is no more. Life is being denied day in and day out. We can expect to have less as well as confused in our future more so than our present. But there is always hope.

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