The Epic Human Journey: Part 3, Endless Summer

Culture Rot

America’s real enemy within.

America has a long list of enemies – Al Qaeda, Iran, North Korea, China, Venezuela, hackers, WikiLeaks, financial sabotage – but these are mere blemishes on the surface of the apple. Instead of maintaining 1000 military bases overseas and spending half the national budget on weapons to fight foreign wars, America might want to consider taking a moment to focus on a potentially greater enemy ... the enemy within ... a rotting culture.

Depressed. Obese. Poor. Diseased. Raped. Bullied. Raped. Suicidal. Armed.

Here’s a portrait of America’s future – an average class of 100 students graduating high school today:

  • 71 have been physically assaulted
  • 39 have been bullied
  • 64 have had sexual intercourse
  • 28 have been sexually victimized
  • 21 have had a sexually transmitted infection
  • 29 have suffered serious symptoms of depression
  • 34 are overweight or obese
  • 22 live in significant poverty
  • 16 have carried a weapon in the past year
  • 14 have contemplated suicide and 6 have carried out an attempt
  • 10 have been raped

Facts Source: Child Trends

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That looks like it, I wonder if the author just amalgamated each point from the different sources on the page. It's too bad I was hoping to get a quick answer to how many samples were collected and the rough statistical accuracy.


Stats and sources are indeed nice to peer into. But really, the article isn't about a study or two. It is more about the broad influence and effects of the consumption and warfare state of culture and society at large. Have you ever been so hungry that you, in a frantic frenzy, completely ruin the food you are attempting to prepare? In my view this is a good analogy. Kamikaze culture of sorts.


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