The Epic Human Journey: Part 2, Summer

Barack Obama

The “Hamlet” President.

In this scary historical moment we’re living through, the world cries out for a visionary, transformative leader… someone who has the gumption and guts – like Franklin D. Roosevelt did in the aftermath of the 1929 crash – to shift paradigms, demolish sacred cows and move the nation in bold new directions.

In his election campaign, Barack Obama signaled that he could be that kind of a President, but as soon he entered the White House, the Washington establishment, the military-industrial complex, Big Finance, Big Pharma, AIPAC, the NRA – that whole corrupt money system of lobbyists, patronage and kickbacks, the revolving door that rules Washington – chewed him up and spat him out again.

After that he was never able to summon the courage to take a stand on any of the big issues. He never brought the torturers to justice, never got Netanjahu to blink on the settlements. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo or made Wall Street pay. He was never able to harness the power of the people behind him cheering him on.

He will go down in history as the Hamlet president, the “to be or not to be” pontificator who could never quite make up his mind… never quite seize the moment and act. Too bad for America… and the rest of us.

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Oh please don't do that. Use the old "oreo cookie" reference as its actually not only incorrect but racist. Blacks are no worse nor better than whites. We're all human beings and can act justly or cowardly, can fight against injustice or behave ruthlessly to get ahead.


I got the heat watching everything I say. They know it before I type it. I just have to stay out of a cell long enough to watch it all burn.

Emily Bond

I think it is important to realize that in a defunct system of two party politics and dollar driven campaigns, like drunk gamblers throwing booklets at a horse race, any candidate or leader is already corrupt beyond "hope". It is the time for an employee performance review that I believe can only come from the people. The people in this country with no hope, no jobs, no safety for their children and at the very edge of no rights. To quote Ralph Nader " remember that the true American dream was justice "


Obama made up his mind to serve the One Percent that put him office before his first election. Give me a break. He is a lame duck President right now and can do as he pleases. What pleases him is to serve Fascism. If Obama is anyone, it is Benedict Arnold.


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