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Barack Obama

The “Hamlet” President.

In this scary historical moment we’re living through, the world cries out for a visionary, transformative leader… someone who has the gumption and guts – like Franklin D. Roosevelt did in the aftermath of the 1929 crash – to shift paradigms, demolish sacred cows and move the nation in bold new directions.

In his election campaign, Barack Obama signaled that he could be that kind of a President, but as soon he entered the White House, the Washington establishment, the military-industrial complex, Big Finance, Big Pharma, AIPAC, the NRA – that whole corrupt money system of lobbyists, patronage and kickbacks, the revolving door that rules Washington – chewed him up and spat him out again.

After that he was never able to summon the courage to take a stand on any of the big issues. He never brought the torturers to justice, never got Netanjahu to blink on the settlements. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo or made Wall Street pay. He was never able to harness the power of the people behind him cheering him on.

He will go down in history as the Hamlet president, the “to be or not to be” pontificator who could never quite make up his mind… never quite seize the moment and act. Too bad for America… and the rest of us.

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Hal Hill

give Hamlet a break. He did eventually jump in and say, "It is I, Hamlet the Dane." He recognizes that he is not the waffling boy, or the furious vengeful heir, but both: a man of judgment and action, Hamlet the Dane. Quit using him as a poster boy for indecisiveness.


Obama isn't indecisive, he knows that people respond more to his image than to what he actually does. So when there's a scandal such as the recent Snowden affair he does things like make a speech about the environment and everyone claps, then he takes his family to go visit Mandela who's on his death bed and Obama get's to look humanitarian and caring. Its all image. If he fails in one area he just trumps up something he knows people want to hear like gun control or some such thing. Personally I have zero respect for the forked tongue man.


Awesome photo, but I agree with previous comments you are giving too much credit to Obama with the comparison. Hamlet deserves better.
Also, I respectfully disagree with the idea that Obama lacks decision, I believe he knows exactly what he is doing: confusing and deceiving while getting away with a shady imperialistic program.
Obama is a series of cell phones pictures. At the end of the hall of mirrors, he is nothing but the puppet of the status quo upon which we, the people, projected our hopes on. Our hopes were real, this guy is not.


He is a true disappointment. I never trusted him anyways, the day since he supported the Big Banks' Bailout. If one day a true leader for the people will be elected as President, I do not think he or she will last that long. However, one day this will backfire to the 1% and things will never be the same again. Time will eventually be on our side, but perhaps not in our lifetime..


I have not trusted Obama since his first presidential primaries when he failed to speak out against ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. When you are a candidate you can talk against any lobby except one. Talking against Israel is a test to see if candidate is really principled or a future sellout.


Don't forget media's constant demonisation and ridicule of the Catholic church, who are actually, if you try to look beyond journalism's propaganda, trying to do some good, at least at the top level.

But of course, you're all dismissing it flatly because you love abortions. After all, journalists told you that you should.


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