Mental Breakdown of a Nation

Mental Breakdown of a Nation

Can you see cracks in the façade?
Louis Vuitton Ad, New York Times Style, August 2012

. . . it's not just the drone assassinations and the torture camps

not just the iron grip that financial fraudsters have on the country's priorities . . .

not just the domestic political gridlock and inability to function as a democratic nation

. . . but something much much bigger and more ominous

is eating away at the very heart

of America's social imagination . . .

— from Adbusters #106. Now go here.

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I suspect that with all our scientific analysis of Gaia working hard to put together a big picture of her/it, we still don't understand a 10th of who/what she/it really is or is capable of and no one can truly say they know for sure about anything that might happen. I would like to see this sort of honesty coming out of the James Lovelocks of the world. Its still all just a big guess.

Luke Geoffrey Hulm

I believe many of us, perhaps including Mr Lovelock would agree with you -> we don't know the full potential of "mother earth" or the exact location of the tipping points that could proceed disaster.

Thats why it is prudent to have a focus on the precautionary principle: to moderate our behaviour and keep it within KNOWN sustainable limits. That is, to reduce our output of pollutants and maintain the earths population below 8 billion.


What if the tipping point was at 5 billion? The older a system gets, the better to err on the side of caution. That is what we're saying all along. What we should do is find a point in history when pollution first became noticed and use that population as the tipping point (minus 1) then simply cull the herd to that.


If I'm anonymous, but I DO speak against violence, am I still anonymous?

I hope so, or otherwise it wouldn't be worth it, and I would just post as something else with less significance. To NOT speak against violence, and to say that one could understand how the effects of hopelessness (that we ALLLL experience) could propagate the understandable urge or need for "louder messages" (see: violent messages)... to then quickly forgive daily failings of you and other people for adhering to the unenforced runaway culture of consumerism that we all seemed a little pissed about. Could you do that? Could you forgive? If you can or you can't, you must certainly address the question yes? Why? Because we must address everyday OUR fear /OUR isolation/ OUR hopelessness that tries to remind us that THIS fight ain't worth it. But we press on, because it IS worth it. It IS worth the fight to bring a greater peace to all our children. Everyone's children deserve peace.

I TELL YOU that it isn't a fight with fists but a fight with hearts, minds, voices, hands and eyes. So put out your torches and light your candles, drop your fists and raise your hand, kick your heels and not your dog, and adhere NOT to violent culture.

Defend yourself at all costs, that is absolute, as our defense of consciousness and liberty brings us here today. Remember that violence is unrestrained fear, anger, and even guilt... so RESTRAIN it, and harness it to motivate you to do amazing things, not violent things. It takes one scene to ruin a movie.

Violence is the weapon of the enemy, so they say.


I've gotten the impression that it is the amount of mankind's activity on this planet that is a form of violence towards nature.


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