Mental Breakdown of a Nation

Mental Breakdown of a Nation

Can you see cracks in the façade?
Louis Vuitton Ad, New York Times Style, August 2012

. . . it's not just the drone assassinations and the torture camps

not just the iron grip that financial fraudsters have on the country's priorities . . .

not just the domestic political gridlock and inability to function as a democratic nation

. . . but something much much bigger and more ominous

is eating away at the very heart

of America's social imagination . . .

— from Adbusters #106. Now go here.

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hasn't james lovelock recently pushed back his apocalyptic predictions? If it does happen and life! is all but obliterated; then it will retreat for awhile and eventually re-invent itself to make it in the new world. Thats what put mammals where we are now, so why all the hubbub?


We have, so far, increased atmospheric CO2 by 40%. oceanic acidity is up by 30%. once we reach the tipping point, the greenhouse effect is an irreversible nonlinear change. The closest planet to us provides stark evidence of the characteristics of a runaway greenhouse effect. Recent analysis of data collected on the 1990 flyby of Venus by the Galileo spacecraft reveals that the highlands of Venus are composed of felsic rock, particularly granite, which only forms in the presence of water. This indicates that Venus must once have had oceans and an atmosphere much like our own. However, the atmosphere of Venus is 96% CO2 and the mean surface temperature is 462 °C. To put that in perspective, lead and tin are liquids on Venus.

Eugene Kinbur

Mental illness, anxiety, stress, are certainly big problems nowadays, Besides math and physics, our educators, families, and clergy have to put more importance on the faculties of thinking, feeling, and action
of students, children, and religious individuals in a culture of mechanization, robotism, commercialization, and monopolization.
Gene Kinbur
Fix the rlibuster!


U.S. is f*#%ed! And I live here (help me!). Groupthink+Culture Lag = "rational people will go calmly, meekly into a gas chamber if only you lead them to believe it is a shower" (Zygmunt Bauman, Polish Sociologist). Derrick Jensen, in documentary: "Tipping Point", related Bauman's statement to the fact that climate-change contributors will go calmly, meekly into planetary oblivion if only advertisers will coddle their infantile rationales. "Politics of Post Anarchism"- path to Temporary Autonomous Zones and a new future. Thank you Saul Newman!


Secret Grand Jury Trials across US threaten activists with criminal contempt charges (SEE: Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resistance Project- ). Fear/paranoia is running rampant throughout activist groups. US revolutionaries paralyzed? Remember the fight of Black Panthers! ..."you do not abandon your own..."


Hasn't anybody noticed that action adventure american TV shows have become less about brave heroes in general and more about the comparative superiority of the the White man's prowess?


Forget "Peak Oil". How about "Peak Euro-centrism"?! Do you think the crew of the Titanic tried telling themselves that the ship wasn't really sinking as its nose started pointing to the sky?


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