Mental Breakdown of a Nation

In Japan

Life is proceeding almost normally.

The megalopolis is directly exposed to Fukushima fallout, but life is proceeding almost normally.

Only a few people have abandoned the city. Most citizens have stayed there, buying mineral water as they have always done, breathing with face masks on their mouths as they have always done.

A few cases of air and water contamination are denounced. Concerns about food safety have prompted US officials to halt the importation of certain foods from Japan. But the Fukushima effect does not imply a disruption of social life: poison has become a normal feature of daily life, the second nature we have to inhabit.

Franco Berardi, On Poetry and Finance

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Perhaps life goes on as normal in Fukushima because ant-nuclear environmentalists and media actually exaggerated the disaster's impact?


The seems to refer to Tokyo (note picture of Center-Gai). How are 30 million people supposed to abandon the city? Poison is a normal feature in every city.


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