Mental Breakdown of a Nation

Humanity 1.0: Our Birth

The epic story of humanity in four parts.

As far as we know, we emerged about 200,000 years ago. At this time we had no language, no clothing, no art, no religion. We lived in the wild and ate what we could forage or hunt. We were hard to distinguish from our closest cousins – the chimpanzees and bonobos.

What came to differentiate us from them – our remarkable capacity for innovation – was still only a faint trace at this time, a latent capacity. During the first hundred thousand years of our existence, we were confined to a small area in the hot, dry savanna of East Africa.

There . . . we roamed, sweat, and slept beneath the stars on hard ground. We lived like the animals that we are . . .

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Tim P

The implication of this series is that humanity is just another animal, which it isn't, and that we humans are not in our natural state and are a plague on the planet. I would challenge anyone buying into that narrative to shed your clothes, and your smart phones, and just walk into the wilderness, forage for greens, and see how you like it. See how long you last in your natural animal state earning a living by tooth and claw.


In all things, moderation Tim.
Look at the brighter side of things.
You come to Adbusters fairly regularly,
to balance the propaganda of MSM.
MSM = Main Stream Media. (Good to know ;)
So, the more you learn,
the more you'll appreciate that we are indeed being
herded by Mammon's wolf pack,
kept in Wall Street pens.
Break free Tim! And take us along with you!

JamesieGod at H...

Every species has evolved behaviors and physical characteristics that it relies on to survive. One of our most important is tool making -- clothes, houses, medicine. For us to go without tools would be like a lion going without its teeth, claws, and phenomenal perception and physical prowess. You are correct about that. You did not explain however, exactly how that makes us something other than an animal?


Humans are a blight on the planet. We are our own worst enemies. How do you explain war, torture, life style disease such as diabetes 2 and zombie like consumerism. Long live the anti-consumerism revolution and down with marketing and advertising nonsense.

Technology is a good thing use it if you must but remember don't be used.

Politicians are just like you and I they think they can control everyone but ultimately they will need your vote. Don't give your vote cheaply. Kick-back.

As far as survival without the trappings of consumerism or technology goes. You do what you have to do to survive. We are all still just animals beneath the ever thinning veneer of civilization.

Ann D

Sure, nobody wants to walk around clothe-less and yes, there is a high reliance on phones and technology in general. However, this is only because this has become naturalised by large companies, manufacturers and advertising. These companies, as well as politics and policies which are also partly to blame, are also responsible for our social attitudes towards food, clothing, technology etc, which has led you to think that way. And technically speaking, we are animals. Just because we wear clothes and use phones doesn't mean that much. It's because of humans with their technological advancements that we're in this social, ecological and economical turmoil. This is worsened by humanities complete disregard for anybody but themselves and a quick profit.

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