Mental Breakdown of a Nation

In Britain There Are No Human Beings

No one to sing "No Future."

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In Britain there are no human beings or citizens, no.
There are live money beings.

The population allows this to happen. They allow the state to tax them very hard and no real protest happens. They seem to like it, or they are just under the spell of a very organized propaganda. After all it is for the common good.

Let’s all in Britain scream in one united voice that we want a very expansive private educational system perpetuating social walls. Here is another idea: why not, instead of letting older generations freeze in the winter, the banker boy just shoots them all. It would be more dignified. He could even privatize this and get some tax out of it.

Britain is heading towards an intellectual black hole.

In Britain there is no social critique or artist that inflames the masses.

There is no one to sing “No future.”

Britain is a master case study to understand how ideology and propaganda work in a free market.

This is Britain.

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Ridiculous headline. Have you even been there? May be true of the majority but there are still critical thinkers, artists and activists.


It is true of the majority, it is definitely not a ridiculous headline. You are contradicting yourself. It is true that there are some thinkers, but they have no voice and no influence over society. The blood sucking moneylenders control the three M's - Means of production, Media, and Money. They control the monkeys!!!!


How disappointing to read such a poorly constructed argument in, what is usually such a carefully edited journal. The writer's ideological simplification may have some credence with regard to the UK population sleepwalking through the centre right's clumsy dismantling of their rights and freedoms, but the point is lost under the adolescent-like standard of his argument. (Apologies to adolescents who can construct decent arguments btw). What dismays me further are the comments, some of which are terrifying in their ignorance. An illustration of the falling standards in the educational systems of the west? No surprise really when you consider that government cuts to education produces populations with poor levels of articulation and an inability to argue or promote dissent. Shame. Sent from my cell in the UK...


We have house meat, high inflation, decaying economy, growing child poverty, school's knife crime growing, The rich getting richer (Live money beings) and the poor left to live on the streets, bills going up, bad TV and so on. We are doomed. There is no future, it looks like the 80s all over again. I wish we had the Sex Pistols back to sing about our failing system.


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