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Deeper Resistance

How can we free ourselves from financial dictatorship?
Albert Ian RP

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I don't think that we will be able to win a fight against financial capitalism by demonstrating in the street. Destroying banks isn't useful if we are seeking emancipation from financial dictatorship. Financial power does not exist in the banks; it is embedded in software, in the techno-linguistic automatisms that govern daily life and the psychic automatisms of consumerism, competition and fear.

Nevertheless we are in the midst of a process – a movement – that will deploy itself over the course of the next decade, maybe longer, and we have to start from where we are and what we know.

What we have today is the memory of past forms that our movements have taken, including occupations, strikes and demonstrations, both peaceful and violent. All of these are part of the legacy of 20th century social movements.

Recently, we have tried to resurrect some of these old forms of struggle – these old forms of expression – but this hasn't worked particularly well. Established form of peaceful demonstration have absolutely no possibility of changing the politics of financial capitalism. They don't work when democracy is dead – and it is totally dead, the European experience is demonstrating that clearly.

But on the other hand, violent riots or bank bombings are also useless because they don't challenge the sites of real power. Real power is in the cybersphere, in the algorithms of financial control, in the quantitative analyses that undergird trading, and so on.

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Then, as Alf Hornborg says, "The only way of achieving sustainability is to transform the very idea and institutions of money itself."

Pin up this poster in the corridors of your economics department, or on the streets. If we want emancipation from financial dictatorship, we have to kick over and renovate the economic paradigm from the ground up. So go here and join the rumbling Meme War!

Now put this poster up


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Mark Griffith

You could read and discuss some of the things I and other people have been writing about it for a few years now! :)


check out Jacque Fresco, the braking of the money system for the start of a resource based economy..this is the way forward. He is a 92 year old genius, no where near the lines of Albert Einstein and he needs our help to bring this together as much as we need him..anyway check it out and spread it around
Love and light :)


the general acceptance of Bitcoin .. an essential first step. As important to free exchange of money (beyond central control) as the internet is to free exchange of ideas.

Tom Hendricks

That's what I have been saying. Time to put the division aside for a day, and get people jobs. Then you can go back to politics as usual
Protestors, if you call for a National Hiring Day for the country, you will shift the media from covering police skirmishes, to covering corporate responsibility and jobs. A National Hiring Day would switch the media from skirmishes to jobs and corporate responsibility.

National Hiring Day - This is a day that corporations are encouraged to fill open positions and larger corporations to hire one or more new employees. Corporations are called on to put patriotism first and help their country in hard times. Those corporations that cannot hire, are asked to stop firing for that month.


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