Corporate Crackdown

The moment is ripe.


We don’t want Starbucks dominating the coffeehouses of the
world. We don’t want bookstores buying other bookstores in other towns and we don’t want any Amazon.com shutting down our local bookstores or turning reading solely into an internet experience. We don’t want banks buying other banks, or banks buying corporations, or banks or corporations buying governments. We don’t want military contractors like General Electric buying up mass media. We don’t want Rupert Murdoch owning hundreds of newspapers and broadcast outlets. We don’t want some rich guy coming into our neighborhood and buying up all the property and local businesses for himself. We don’t want a few companies like Google or Apple or Facebook dominating global communications.

From Capitalism Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System, by Jerry Mander.

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Switch off.... buy local, support local. Get off the treadmill, reduce - the contraction (deflation) will blow them out.


Correction. If you order a book from Amazon it almost always is coming from a bookstore. When I buy a book from Abebooks.com it comes from small bookstores all over the country and even the world. Same with Amazon, individual book sellers and book stores offer they're books on the site. I do not have a local bookstore, in fact I would have to get on a subway just to find one so the majority of the time I purchase books online and they come through Abebooks or Amazon. So the argument that Amazon is shutting down local bookstores is ridiculous, they are giving local bookstores a larger market. If you want to blame someone for shutting down bookstores then you need to get to a Barnes & Nobles (psst. We don't have them in our neighborhood either)


We don't want, we don't want, we don't want. Yes, we get it. Now tell us what you WANT! How about turning this griping upside down and be a bit constructive. We can't use complaining for anything.

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