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What is a Revolution?

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“Marx said that revolutions are the locomotive of world history. But perhaps things are very different. It may be that revolutions are the act by which the human race traveling in the train applies the emergency brake.” Walter Benjamin’s words perfectly fit what occurred around the globe in 2011 and in many places before this, and much further south, from Chiapas and Oaxaca Mexico to Argentina. Our movements are the shouting of “No!” The “Ya Basta!” The “Que Se Vayan Todos!” They are our collective refusal to remain passive in an untenable situation. And so we pull the emergency brake, freeze time and begin to open up and create something new. We are not even sure what that something is. We know we want to create open space. What that looks like we are discovering together, as we create, which is also how we create: together, horizontally and with affect. What we are doing and how we are doing it are inextricably linked, and both are part of this prefigurative movement.

Marina Sitrin, OccupyTheory.org

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Revolution is everyone okay about the end of people...



in the future man will serve the system, just like now only more so. many will fall through the cracks and be destroyed or forgotten, while others will continue to drive to work and play with their smartphones.

why is this so hard to understand?



Its really shameful to find reddit and 9gag making 'meme's out of James Holmes mass murder.

I can see how the train can't be stopped.

Its up to those laying the tracks to decide their own level of involvement.


Just be happy then like these people :)



Some, but not all, the people are happy.

For just when the beach was reopened "tens of thousands of people rallied at a Tokyo park Monday demanding that Japan abandon nuclear power as the country prepares to restart another reactor shut down after last year's tsunami caused meltdowns at the Fukushima power plant."

Thanks for an interesting link - hope people click on this true Public Service information.


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