Cognitive Illusions

False Beliefs That We Intuitively Accept As True


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We can keep expanding our settlements in the West Bank, maintain our nuclear monopoly in the Middle East, preemptively strike any nation who challenges us, break the Palestinian spirit with our steely resolve, be confident that we are the good guys and they the terrorists, assured that world opinion will always be on our side, and sleep soundly above the moral fray knowing that if our friends ever fail us …

The 20-foot concrete wall around our country will keep us safe.

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It's been a while since I read Adbusters and I'm sad to see your still beating this drum. Israel is not perfect, and criticism leveled against her is fairly leveled in my opinion, but constantly singling out Israel when Palestine continues to perpetrate equally heinous acts is unfair. Saying that "world opinion will always be on our side" is just ridiculous because Israel receives a great deal of criticism and support varies widely (do you ever read newspapers?). And all of this - what, a week? - after a bus of Israelis was bombed. Israel is in a precarious position and is doing a shitty job of being a shining light of fairness and freedom, but few countries have to deal with the shit that Israel does.

Adbusters needs to grow the eff up and see both sides of the issue. Seriously.



What about all the United Nation ruling that Israel avoids?

Is Palestine able to rule itself?

What gives Israel the right to keep attacking other countries?

Fairness and freedom - but not for Palestine?

No, the problem for Israel is that people do understand what is going on.


Empirically speaking the atrocities committed by Israel are 10-20X more than those of Palestinians, if counting matters. Many supporters of Israel are in denial about the true human costs of the conflict, and who are the victims. I think your post pretty much confirms the gist of the cartoon.


If Israel was a person, he would be demanding to tell everyone what to do all day long and to "shut up" all the time. Then he would demand to borrow $20 bucks from you everyday no matter that you are broke from it. And if anyone did one thing this person didn't like, he would call the cops, describe the event in overt criminal terms, and demand that the person be destroyed, and no other opinions of the event allowed on the record.


The Palestinian freedom fight is the greatest freedom fight of our time!

We should all get behind it. It must succeed.


The Jews can prove they were in Jeruseleum a far back as 1200 b.c. up until around 700 a.d. whereupon Islam popped up in the Middle East and proceeded to take as much territory as they could which included parts of Spain, all the way into France until their forward progress was halted in 711 by Charles Martel.
Palestine was originally considered a district of Syria around 500 BC. So Israel has a longer history and a more valid claim, but then... for Palestine to want to establish a state pledged to the destruction of Israel (much like most of the Moslem world- it is in the Koran, silly)!??! That's whacked.
While you could say Israel is treating Palestinians poorly, absolutely, and the Arab world has treated Jews poorly. Go Figure. If you believe Christians... This conflict will continue until the end times. If you believe Moslems Israel will fall, and then they will put the rest of the world to the sword. Much like the Islamic government in Sudan killed 70,000 non-muslims, but strangely... it wasn't considered a war crime cause they weren't all "one kind of people." Actually, they were... They were all "Non-Muslems". Strangely, Ad Busters doesn't complain about that... Scared I guess.


Indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere can prove they there long before white Eurotrash arrived and murdered them and took all the land and resources and polluted everything. And, by the way, shoved the remaining survivors into concentration camps within which they still reside.

And to add icing to the cake, they abducted Africans and enslaved them to build much of the agricultural abundance that economically fed the destruction of the Western Hemisphere and its people. Then after tourturing and raping and maiming them them decided to 'free' them only to systematically enslave and marginalize them ever since.

No worse plague of the history of the planet than white people!


This man is a complete and total nut job and our congress and senate and president fawning all over this war mongering nuclear nightmare of a kook is like watching bad science fiction mind control. When will the grown ups arrive and throw out these selfish destructive maniacs looting our nation and the rest of the world while building more and more bigger and more deadly guns to point at everyone's head.

I'm sick of being asked to respect this garbage, Like hearing the likes of Biden talk about being a Zionist like its be all and end all of existance. WTF is all I've got to say.


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