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How to Reboot Capitalism

Tantalizing possibilities for what could happen next.


Hey all you meme warriors and revolutionaries out there,

For two centuries, capitalism has acted like a dangerous psychotic in the throes of a permanent episode: chronic manic swings between booms and depressive busts; a sociopathic disregard for the suffering of billions; ecocidal attacks on the living world; an inability to accept responsibility for causing massive species die-offs and threatening our collective existence.

Now, finally, capitalism is teetering into terminal crisis and it is up to us to give life to what comes next.

Here are a few projects we could start on right away:

  • We pressure the G20 leaders to implement a 1% “Robin Hood” tax on all financial transactions and currency trades
  • We ignite a meme war on campus and pull off a paradigm shift in the science of economics
  • We occupy the streets in growing numbers until our leaders ratify a binding international accord on climate change
  • We launch the True Cost metameme and start moving towards an across-the-board global market regime in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth
  • We marry gaming with activism and have millions of young people around the world playing KILLCAP

Do we have the spark within us to create a new world?

Join us!

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I don't think the G20 leaders will do a thing. Keep the pressure up, but just to let them know that they stand a very good chance of being hanged.


How about we get rid of capitalism altogether? ;-) Basing ourselves on the technology and productivity that humanity has developed under capitalism (but which this system cannot realize fully or to the benefit of all, due to its innate drive for profits), we can build a new and truly democratic society: socialism!


We need to align the basic desires we need to keep alive with the way we treat each other and the environment. Thus water has primary value but gold, at best, only has a secondary value. Supporting ecosystems which result in clean water have value for ourselves and other species has value but extracting gold at the cost of creating an unhealthy environment for ourselves and other species is without value. Knowledge and trustworthiness are the "currency". Where possible, symbol mediated forms such as money, property, stocks etc. should be eliminated since they direct our attention away from that which we need to protect, appreciate, and value such as water. Building increasingly healthy long term and short term niches for ourselves and other species should be the goal and practice.

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