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Spiritual Insurrection

The ultimate culture jam.
Spiritual Insurrection: The ultimate culture jam
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We awoke one morning to the dark realization that humanity is being dragged into a black hole of ecological, financial and spiritual catastrophe … that our democracy has been seized by a corporatocracy … that every day two hundred species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become forever extinct … that a deluge of advertising is sleepwalking our civilization to the brink of insanity … and that unless we fight back in the most visceral and creative way possible all will be lost.

And yet, what sets our struggle apart in 2012 is that we are not fighting to save a distant future. We are not trying to prevent some terrible event that is still to come. This is not about our unborn grandchildren. Instead, many of us sense that the threshold has already been crossed; the tipping point has already happened and what we are fighting for is our present. We are living in that tragic moment of eerie stillness where the fatal damage has been done, widening cracks can be seen, yet the edifice still stands and business as usual continues … but for how much longer?

Our days may be shadowed by this dark realization, but there is reason to be deeply optimistic for “where danger is, grows the saving power also.” Never before has the tantalizing possibility of a Global Spring, a worldwide people’s insurgency for democracy, seemed as close. For perhaps the first time in human history, we just might be on the edge of an everywhere-at-once revolution against the financial fraudsters, corporate lackeys and the ideology of consumerism that has brought the Earth to the precipice of collapse.

In this, the era of the total and transcendent indignato swarm, we look to each other, not to the masters above, to find out what it will take to pull off the ultimate culture jam: spiritual insurrection.

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Controling Minds By Policing/Censoring Internet

'US ruling elites want to control planet'

A court in the US State of New York has issued a subpoena to social networking service giant, Twitter, ordering the online company to surrender all relevant data of an Occupy Wall Street activist.

The New York court has also ordered Twitter to provide all the 'tweets' of Malcolm Harris from September 15 to the end of the year.

Harris is one of the oldest activists in the occupy movement who was on the front lines of the Brooklyn Bridge mass arrests during an Occupy protest last year. The incident is now the subject of a class action lawsuit.

The controversial subpoena is unprecedented as debates over online privacy issues continue in the US.


Occupy the hills. Build communes. Leave the capitals and enter the real world. Create a higher standard of living by mixing the old with the new, create the future of humanity, not by sleeping on pavement, but up in the trees! Above your farms, fires, and fishnets. Live a true simple life, full of happiness, health, and community.

or not.


I’m a master student of digital media at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Medellin, Colombia. I’ve always been very passionate of cyberactivism, and I’m also an activist, so the subject of my thesis it’s the cyberactivism in social networks. I need your opinions about ciberactivism, if you want to help me with a few questions just click the link: Beforehand thank you very much!


And, yeah, in the Americas, the land was created by human ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. I mean the land-owners deserve the leisure they have with their land right? I took *hard work* to genocide millions of native peoples!


what was done was done and there is nothing that can be said for the atrocities that happened. however, there is much to be said for hard work. i too loath consumerism but i fight it on a personal every day level while still maintaining a job, going to school, writing grants, and building relationships with those like minded. i wear shoes, shower, sleep in doors, and choose to educate myself rather than waste time and effort singing songs of peace durring an "occupy" in the park. i have worked my ass off to be where im at and ill be damned to allow any free loading hippy tell me that success and sell out is synonomous.


Youre "type a" i presume? always racing against the clock and "working your ass off"? Here's a hint from the "type b's" : THERE'S NO CLOCK!!!


No clock and no keeping time. We really need to see that we all have a perspective on it. It really is by creating and respecting each other as we would someone in our family that we beging to solve things. Everyone has something to offer. We can't keep debating who is right and who is wrong. We all want to be right. and this causes us to spend way to much time trying to prove the other wrong. Let's live, lets create the utopia we all want. It's starts with us, now, here! Lets share.

What we may have forgotten, through our own personal struggles is that we came here to create, make it better than we left it. It doesn't have to be something big. From there it will evolve and keep evolving. Fear is a weak motivator. It is love that has the power to transform our experience. First, love and respect yourself. Not as a consumer as if this was put here only for our own unique perspective. This is for the continued evolution of it all. The personal challenge to us all is that in order to get there we have to let go of what keeps us seperate.

Also we need to recognise that the only thing that we own in life is our experience of it. That experience either shinks, when you see yourself different from those in your envirnment, or expands when you start seeing those around you as the same, worthy of love or at the very least your full respect.

Lets stop buying into someone elses illusion and speek and act from our best.

Respect, and love to you all!


It is difficult to tell whether we have already crossed over the threshold to extinction. Let's assume for the moment we are only standing on the threshold. If the tipping point has already happened all of our efforts will avail us nothing.  

It would be a fatal irony if we were unable to devise a solution to our present problems until after they became irreversible. That's called rear view mirrorism. 


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