So what is #Moonstruck…?

Rachel Pozivenec
Rachel Pozivenec

Once a month, on the day of the full moon, we disconnect from Big Tech for 24 hours to reconnect with our communities, nature, and ourselves. We log out of social media, turn off our phones, refrain from shopping online, and google nothing. For one day, stop feeding Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook the precious data they need to fuel their perfect consumerist machines.

Samuel Ivan Roberts
Crystal Sil

On Moonday, we regain resilience, refusing to rely on Big Tech’s tools to connect with friends or be entertained. Instead, explore the quiet moments, the solitary introspection, the painful boredom, where we rediscover the boundless creativity and madness of our minds.

Brice Reed
Jeff Sheridan

So put down your phone for 24 hours. Close your laptop. Power off. Collectively, we walk through the world with our heads up, witnessing the people and trees and colors and lights, pulled from our individualist tunnel vision and thrown into the fury.

Stephanie Cafarella
Elysia Rose

Remember you are not alone on this ancient land — we are interconnected in a web of life that has preceded this moment for millions of years. As long as the full moon lives, so will this digi-age tradition.

For 24 hours, we dance, howl and run, sit, stare, and think. On Moonday, we live!

Joe Webb

The first official #Moonstruck full moon occurs Wednesday October 24th!

Named The Hunter’s Moon by Native American traditions of hunting all night, this full moon promises an abundance of light in the Northern Hemisphere to stay up and prepare for winter.

Wiccan traditions call this the Shedding Moon or the Falling Leaf Moon, and she marks the time when the veil between worlds is thinnest.

For the Southern Hemisphere, she is the second full moon of Spring.

Shelby Stanovsek