Second Call for Submissions – Birth of a Brutal New Aesthetic

Hey, all you musicians and photographers, painters and poets, filmmakers and illustrators, street artists, meme-makers, and jazz-playing whiz kids out there.

Who are your artistic heroes and mentors, past and present?

What about them excites you on your artistic journey?

What specific works of art drive you to create, today?

With these questions, we challenged you a few weeks ago to define a new aesthetic with the power to shake up our current, unhinged moment. We received your submissions — and we were beyond impressed.

We're so taken by your aesthetic toneshifting that we've decided to call on you one more time. We're cramming not one but two — even three — issues of Adbusters talking about The Birth of a Brutal New Aesthetic.

So be bold. Be reckless. Be vital and send us more of your creations.

Engage yourselves mercilessly. #OccupyCulture. Submit your bleeding-edge artwork with answers to the questions above, to Adbusters today.

Show us how to redirect our ship towards a giddy new future.

Show us how to step from mo to pomo into the brand-new nomo era.

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