Pre-Rebellion Righteousness: August 15th #Moonday

Pre-Rebellion Righteousness: August 15th #Moonday

Radicals and rebels, redeemers and reclaimers,

The night of this Thursday, August 15th, will see the rise of the Full Sturgeon Moon.

In anticipation of #S13 — the Full Moon Rebellion — this #Moonday offers a chance to ready the mind and temper the spirit.

While on September 13th the authors of planetary decline will feel the full force of our collective disgust, we first must look inwards. We must clear our minds of doubt, of apathetic thoughts — but also of hypocrisy.

Who are we, the supposed vanguard of righteousness, if we haven't first examined ourselves? Before calling by its true name (a crime) the summary failure of the powers that be, we must hold ourselves up to our own standards.

This is not a stooping to relative comparisons of us and them (which would be grossly unfair), but an appeal to renew our commitment to the principles by which we stake our claim on truth, on justice, and on the upright path.

On August 15th, in honour of those principles, let's relinquish our material bonds and meditate on our upholding of them. Let's become their very best emissaries. Let's come to embody them. Let's put aside all — screens and machines, distractions and possessions — and ruminate in the silver brilliance of the moonlight.

Then, on September 13th, we will rise stronger than ever in our resolve. We will strike out, in the dead of night, with a singular vision: to deny, to disobey — and to be heard, the world over.