Nigel Farage Gets the Shake

Nigel Farage Gets the Shake


On Monday, May 20 2019, the hero we need and deserve threw a milkshake at famous idiot Nigel Farage. Farage led the pro-Brexit movement on a platform predicated on misinformation, dog-whistle racism, and a healthy dose of anti-immigration rhetoric. 

Aside from engineering the current political quagmire embroiling British politics, Farage has worked with fascists Steve Bannon and the German far-right "Alternative für Deutschland”.

From — “Sadly, some remainers have become radicalized, to the extent that normal campaigning is becoming impossible,” Farage tweeted after the horrifying incident, which he miraculously survived.

Nigel wasn’t hurt. It’s a fucking milkshake. Like eggboy before him, this lone prankster will go down in history for speaking truth to power and shaking things up. In other news, we promise front page exposure for anyone who manages to huck a pie at Uncle Donnie!