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Kim Jong-Un's got an arsenal of up to 60 nuclear warheads. 
and intercontinental missiles ready to take them
anywhere from New York to San Fran. 
He says North Korea has
“no need for further testing”
-Is this the boy prince telling the world that the tests are all done 
and he’s ready to fire on the grown-ups at a second’s notice?

Vladimir Putin has a hell of an arsenal:
527 intercontinental missiles and 1,447 warheads.
 He says "the West ignored us"
brags about the"almost unlimited range" of his Avangard and Status-6
saying he'd render the US military shield "useless"
talking up how invincible his weapons are...
So why isn’t Trump more worried?

Trump, subtle as ever, boasts that his button is bigger than anyone else. 
as he pours another $700 billion into his military machine...
"We've the greatest military in the world, we've given them total authorization", says Trump...
"We're going to start winning wars again"...
Winning wars on land, online, Hell up in the air and in space!
Spreading fire and fury from sea to shining sea...

Trump's best buddy Bibi praises him for pulling out
 of the Iran deal - "the worst deal ever” - 
and says he's worried the country could be a threat
 to world peace 
(even more than he is to peaceful Palestinians).
Netanyahu claims Iran's hoarding secret nuclear weapons
 - Not that he'd have any experience in that area.

from Adbusters #137: The Spiritual Crisis of Meaning

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