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Freedom From Want

Dame-Ren (No Good People)
As Japan embraced Western-style capitalism, it, in turn, started suffocating the Japanese. The corporation eclipsed every community in Japanese life, providing living spaces, arranging marriages and social engagements, and, most importantly, promising full-time jobs that would last a lifetime.

Enter Jamspace
Described as the dance of natural philosophy, Contact Improvisation, explores spontaneous movement by taking a point of contact with another body as its starting point for exploration through physical movement.

Cultivate Mindfulness
It might not be a typical classroom scene yet, but over the last four years mindfulness training has been introduced to classrooms in California, Pennsylvania, and British Columbia with marked success.

I Wanted to Paint Nothing
No matter what he actually saw in the soup cans, by elevating them to the level of art, Warhol managed to encapsulate the increasing emptiness of modern existence.

Too Big To Fail?
“It was the final day of actions against the G8, and we were marching on a small, winding road through the hills of Hokkaido. At least two rows of police lined both sides of the march, their dark uniforms and long batons cutting strange forms against the misty landscape.”

Virtual Morality
Technology is dragging morality into some deep and murky philosophical waters, forcing us to reexamine our understanding of it as many of us choose to become actors in virtual worlds.

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