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The Epic Story of Humanity: Part 1, Spring

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This cycle of Adbusters is a special five-part mind-journey through The Epic Story of Humanity. We begin with Spring in Adbusters #107. And in the next four issues we will walk through Summer, Indian Summer, Autumn and Winter as we search for the wild human spirit that can kick in to avoid nightfall.

Featured in this issue:

  • Where’s this experiment of ours on Earth headed?
  • Capitalism is a dead dog!
  • Hamid Dabashi on the end of Eurocentrism
  • Zizek on the Post-Human
  • Political rebirth? Beppe Grillo and José Mujlca
  • Adbusters on the game of insurrection
  • Henry Miller on sex
  • #GOLDMAN, a live-action game

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Adbusters #107: May/June 2013 preview

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