On September 17, we will occupy Wall Street with non-violent civil disobedience and flood the area around it with a roving carnival of resistance. After assembling in parks throughout the Financial District at 7am, we will converge on the Stock Exchange at 7:30am and surround it with the “People’s Wall” sit-in. We will then fill the Financial District with “99 Revolutions,” a swirl of mobile occupations of corporate lobbies and intersections. At 10am, the Eco Cluster will gather at Bowling Green to “Storm Wall Street” and demand it stop bankrolling climate change. At 11am, we will assess the day, and decide on how to proceed through direct democratic process. After a period of downtime and spontaneous actions, we will conclude the day at 6pm by holding a Popular Assembly at Foley Square and marching to Liberty Plaza for a final celebration.

See the schedule on s17nyc.org