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210 = 1

One_Flag210.jpgMy flag takes the 210 flags from the countries in the world as outlines layered on top of each other to create a global flag. Black and white are the only tones used as they are the only two colours universally with a word appointed to them across the world. The flag contains 295 stars, 13 moons, 19 suns, 16 birds and 4 dragons.Rory BradyLondonUK

All For One

bizhan@bizhy.com_allforone.jpgThe black flag has been used to embody the idea of global citizenship since the 1880’s. It represents the absence of a flag, therefore, the absence of nations and of borders. The addition of the circle is intended - like many tribal cultures - to illustrate a decentralized social structure. The circle doubles as a globe without any natural distinctions or borders. The flag is asymmetrical allowing for it to be displayed in such a way that it implies times of distress or of peace. The simple flag design allows for easy reproduction. Anybody can easily draw a rectangle with an offset circle in it. Symbols easy to reproduce ensure longevity and have a viral effect. One need not rely on expensive reproduction methods to create their own flag or scrawl it’s image on a wall. Bizhan KhodabandehRichmondUS

Circles Unite

mhallage@hotmail.com_circles unite.jpgThe symbol is a circle made from lots of other circles this represents co-operation, coming together as one to accomplish what is needed. I wanted to create something which could encourage a getting together of people. For this reason the flag is a triangle shape,meaning when they are placed together (at gatherings) they fit and create shapes. If the circle was printed in the middle of the flag; when they are joined you get a cluster of circles which can link together at any point to create abstract shapes. If the circle was printed in a point of the triangle then when joined; rings are created. Martin HallLondonUK


jwhitetorres@gmail.com_cultivation.jpgThis seed/globe shaped figure is my interpretation of the world as a visual landscape. Seeds are meant to be planted so nature can grow. We are all connected in the way that we grow as a people. In this symbol are the sky, clouds, and land. In order to keep our land and our people we must strive to be a united world that cultivates unity and harmony. Jennifer White-TorresBaltimoreUS


dj108@hotmail.com_dis-illusion.jpgIt would be great and glorious if there could be world peace but I cannot see it in my lifetime. Unfortunately not all of the world leaders don’t have the right attitudes to create it. My flag is simple but works on two levels. Firstly the joint union between the sides of the triangle. Many sides joining and working together alongside each other. Secondly, the illusion perceived by many that these sides can actually work. We can work together to create one better place but we need to see, and be remembered of the tricks we have overcome and yet to encounter before we see the whole picture.Daniel James WakelingLincolnUK

Five Continents

Pat_Taylor_Fivecirclesflag.jpgFive rings equal five continents coming together to form a global citizenship. Pat TaylorWashingtonUS

Flag Of Pop World

ashawber@gmail.com_popworldflag.jpgTo mute the tyranny of reality-distorting elitism, this flag depicts the blend of national colors as kitschy and banal. It separates the meaning from the context by ironically disassociating the colors from the underlying values they represent. PopWorld is a place where colors (people) are not aggregated into some abstract national identity. The colors are distinct but still lay alongside one another. Just as Globalization is breaking down traditional notions of nationalism, we still have our individual and group identities but our national identities are increasingly becoming abstract. The PopWorld flag represents this idea and reminds us that, in any case, we all live together irrespective of our colors. Andy ShawberSeattleUS

Fundamental Equality

alogann777@yahoo.com_unity.jpgMy design is a symbol of the world comprised of simple shapes and complimenting colors. Through it I found a way to represent complex issues in unifying elements. The flag can be flown either horizontally or vertically as the symbol is still recognizable from either angle. The green sphere and its cascading circles represent the earth and the sound waves that exude from its surface made by its people. The yellow stars beaming from the earth represent the pride that people exude for the country they live in. Lastly, the hand represents another human characteristic: that we are constantly reaching out to other nations either to assist them in turmoil or instead to ask for their help. The color green represents growth, nature, and fertility. Yellow represents happiness and red stands for action, courage and confidence. Anna Logan NapoliNew OrleansUS

Global Counscious Collective

sk8rls@hotmail.com_counscious collective.jpgThis basic flag was designed in order to send a basic message: Communication is all. True communication is well balanced between moments of silence (destruction) and information flow (creation)... communication rules all. From the planets and galaxies to the atoms and molecules, everything depends on something else. Communication complicates life and adapts to its environment. As basic as can be, communication will lead us to something new. Frédéric ChabotMontrealCanada

Hands United coming together with hands united as one body, one voice. Edward BaricevicSydneyAustralia