#Goldman Sachs has 73 offices worldwide

And we're going to have some fun in front of every one of them!

Hey all you hacktivists, jammers and lone wolfs out there,

This Thursday, the people most responsible for the economic crisis we’re all suffering through will gather at 222 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual Goldman Sachs shareholder meeting. They will be laughing behind closed doors rather than rotting in federal prison.

The poster above is the opening shot in a protracted people’s meme war against Goldman.

Print out a few b&w versions and over the next few days stick them up on ATMs, megabank windows and other appropriate places you’re walking by.

Let’s decorate the world with CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s maniacal laugh!

And then on Thursday, meet up at your nearest Goldman Sachs branch. Find locations here.

The moment is ripe for us to harness the raw creativity of leaderless horizontalism and send a clear message to the Exxons, Pfizers, Monsantos, Haliburtons, JPMorgans and Goldmans of the world—that from now on they will pay a heavy price for any betrayal of the public trust.

for the wild,

Culture Jammers HQ

P.S. Find teammates and Goldman Sachs locations at

Catch up on the gameplay thus far, here.

Print this poster and plaster it all over the world!

#GOLDMAN is a real-time game

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The snow is melting and so must be the brain of the man behind adbusters.

If these jammers and freaks plan disruptive illegal demonstrations, vandalism and civil disobedience they will be taught a lesson in law they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Are you the same Anonymous who was advocating for greed and conspicuous consumption? You sound like a different page from the same manifesto.
Demonstrations, disruptive or not, are not illegal under the first amendment to the Constitution. They're being portrayed as illegal by authority figures who want us to believe that the only "legal" demonstrations take place behind a "free-Speech Zone" barricade, as far from notice as possible.
And there's a huge difference between vandalism and civil disobedience. People like Jefferson, Thoreau and Dr. Martin Luther King knew the difference, maybe you should look it up.


A todos l@s rebeldes, interferenciadoras/es y guerreros ahí fuera,

Vamos a jugar un juego.

Goldman Sachs, es el más poderoso e impenitente de los estafadores financieros mundiales. Tiene tres oficinas en Canadá y cuatro en el Reino Unido, ocho en China, dos en lugares distintos de Madrid y diecinueve esparcidas por todo Estados Unidos.

#GOLDMAN es un juego de acción en tiempo real de duración indefinida, para pasar un buen rato mientras que provocamos el cierre de cada uno de estas oficinas. Se otorgarán puntos por velocidad, espectáculo, valor e innovación.

Tomemos todo lo que hemos aprendido de El Cairo, Madrid y Zuccotti ... combinémoslo con las lecciones de Quebec, Pussy Riot y Idle no more ... y convirtamos #GOLDMAN en un momento de verdad y justicia global.

¿Hay alguna Goldman Sachs en tu ciudad? Envía tus noticias, fotos y vídeos de acción a [email protected] ¡Haz rular #GOLDMAN en facebook, twitter, tumblr y en tus noticias!.

por la naturaleza,
Cultura Jammers HQ

Ocupa con #GOLDMAN las pantallas del mundo y las calles ... comparte, pinea, reblogea esta explosión visual ... y deja que empiece el juego!


I'm commenting here because someone working with adBusters told me to publish my critic on this proposal.
The basic idea is that adBusters called for action as everybody must do this.
It's not really like this, but in Spain, before calling for action, we have something prepared already. Like going out to the street (and mailing lists) to ask if someone likes the idea and wants to start working on it after publishing the campaign. And if someone is, they join inmediatelly the workgroup to organize it.
Then, when the campaign is released, it goes out with actions that are actually happening.

Calling everybody to do what is your idea without knowing what people is worried about would make you work like a political party. Or at least I see it like this.

In Spain, my group promoted the campaign because it's a good idea, but we didn't any action because our priorities are different. The people here is worried about other stuff so they'll ignore this proposal.


If you live long enough, you learn that people demonstrating in groups CAN and DO change the world stage. Vaclav Havel, who liberated Czechoslovakia, wrote in 1979: "...we never decided to become dissidents. We have been transformed into them, without quite knowing how, sometimes we have ended up in prison without precisely knowing how. We simply went ahead and did certain things that we felt we ought to do, and that seemed to us decent to do, nothing more nor less


For food, water, and support with the campaign, use CHANNELS. The hash tag guidelines are as follows:


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