This May Day, let's wipe that grin off Lloyd Blankfein's face...

Yo meme warriors,

This May Day, let's thrill the world by wiping that grin off Lloyd Blankfein's face … First, blast this meme through the cyber-sphere and get your friends in a mischievous mood. Then we'll take this fun offline in time for next Wednesday, when we swarm Goldman Sachs' 73 offices around the globe, and shut down this criminal corporation for several hours, or more …

#GOLDMAN is a real-time game

Just tuning in? Catch up on the action thus far at Adbusters Tactical Briefing #41, #42, and #43.

for the wild,
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#GOLDMAN is a real-time game

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I don't understand this anti-Goldman campaign. I read the linked tactical briefings 41-43, and not a single one had any explanation of WHY Goldman-Sachs deserves to be protested against, what form this protest is supposed to take, or what effect this protest can be expected to have. Be he honest, it sounds like another exercise in revolutionary masturbation: it might feel good, but it's unlikely to produce results.


What planet are you living in? Do you have contact with outside world? Really how long have you been out of circulation? Must be decades, at least. Not joking not sarcasm genuinely astounded at your perspective its totally out of kilter old chap. Unless your paid to say so. Only thing makes sense.


I've been living on a planet called 'critical thinking,' it's a magical place where people aren't swayed by arguments that are all style and no substance. Of course, it also jumps out at me that you DIDN'T rush to the defense of this argument with supporting facts about what it is that Goldman Sachs does that is so evil; or how protesting might effectively stop that behavior. Do you even know?

I'm actually quite opposed to many of the financial practices at Goldman-Sachs, but unlike you and the author of this article, I would NEVER expect anyone to agree with my positions without me explaining WHY I believe that and presenting my evidence. That's the difference between informed decisions and pure propaganda like this.

Joseph Ruphnophsky

What a surprise that you dont understand something these screwballs say!!! Ofcourse you dont understand the reason, these liberal retards have no reason, or explanation, for why they do anything at all


I have just returned to adbusters after a couple years of hiatus. It is slightly worrying to see adbusters jump on the generic trend of trying to be 'hip' and 'cool' with modern internet culture. Spouting words like "meme" (which they clearly don't understand the meaning of) and using hashtags left right and center. Trying to trick your target audience into agreeing with your cause by mimicking their language is disingenuous is my opinion. But what do I know, I'm just part of the culture jammer diaspora.

James M

"Spouting words like "meme" (which they clearly don't understand the meaning of)"

Hahah, which magazine do you think popularised the term over the past fifteen years?



I've been living on a planet called Critical Thinkulon 5, where people only support arguments that are backed up by facts and rational thinking. This is just frothing anti-establishmentarianism masquerading as a real argument. If you and the author of this series of articles can't explain WHY GS is an evil company, WHAT you intend to do at the protests and HOW those actions will result in positive results; you haven't done your homework and you should be less lazy.

That being said, I think GS does a lot of things that are bad for the economy and the rest of us pay the price. I would NEVER, however, expect anyone to agree with me on that unless I had presented my evidence. That's the difference between rational arguments and pure uncut propaganda like this article.


I completely agree with you, notKevinJohn. It's insulting to be asked to get behind any movement without clear reasoning represented in the request. Adbusters doesn't want it's readers to be mindless followers. Therefore they need to support their tactics with facts. I'm not saying that they're wrong with this campaign, but I am saying that it's wrong to get us to jump on a band wagon with feelings alone. That mentality will make the Adbusters community the same as everyone else.


Again, I have to say, if you don't know what's going on, then you haven't been paying attention -- No one here is making an argument that you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do something -- the audience is already in the loop. We've been following these things. And there are a lot of great reasons (a few of them are enumerated in my reply above to @notKevinJohn), but again, I know of no single source where you're going to be insta-caught-up -- if you truly want to come out from under your rock you've got a lot of catchup to do. Google can help.

A few search terms that might help get you started: "scandal", "robo signing", "oil rig", "financial meltdown", "predatory lending" -- but that's barely the tip of the iceberg and mostly recent stuff.


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