Countdown to May 23

We're throwing a party for Blankfein!

May Day Evening Update


Our respect goes out to all those people around the world who took the streets today. Check Al Jazeera for a few of the best pictures of today's events.

There are now three weeks left to mobilize for the May 23 Goldman Sachs shareholder meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. To honor the #1 evil megabank, #goldman players will be holding celebrations at each of Goldman Sachs' offices in 50+ cities worldwide. Join us!

May Day Morning Update

Yo jammers!

This afternoon's May Day march in Seattle will end one block west of Goldman Sachs offices at 719 2nd Avenue. Let's divert the march and bring the people to Blankfein's doorstep!

This tactical map for Seattle jammers was compiled by

Our friends at Global Revolution have a livestream online:

April 30 Afternoon Update

Attention jammers: divert the marches!

What do Seattle, Jakarta, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Stockholm all have in common? Each of these cities has a Goldman Sachs office and each is expecting large May Day marches.

Moments like these are rare and offer canny jammers a tactical advantage.

Tomorrow, in city after city, let's divert the May Day marches... let's draw the people's rage toward the one corporation we can all agree is a criminal enterprise: Goldman Sachs.

Stay tuned for updates...

April 30 Morning Update

Yo jammers!

Breaking news from Seattle where police have announced that they are taking extra measures to protect Goldman Sachs' office at 719 2nd Avenue from protests on May Day.

Meanwhile, a tipster from Occupy Goldman Sachs sends in the address of Lloyd Blankfein's home at 15 Central Park West and invites people to join the ongoing protest out front.

Twenty-four hours to go until May Day... find the Goldman Sachs location nearest you and get ready to rumble tomorrow... more updates to follow.

April 29, 2013 Update

Hey jammers,

With forty-eight hours to go until May Day, the big question is whether there will be any surprises. If you're looking at the mainstream news then you'd probably say no. But recent reports of FBI visits to anarchos in the Pacific Northwest reveals that authorities are on edge after last year's spectacular events.

In 2012, the final act of Occupy was a very large march in New York City and a series of highly publicized acts of vandalism against banks on the West Coast.

In 2013, we can expect reasonably large marches in several metropolitan cities across the world. And, at the end of the day, we will also see most of those people go home just as they do year after year. But there are murmurs from Anonymous, who released a video communique last week, and on anarchist websites that indicate more creative and militant actions may also take place.

So what can we learn in 2013 from the experiences of 2012?

Above all, it is time to move beyond hating all the banks abstractly and begin the difficult work of picking a specific top evildoer and struggling tirelessly until that bank is killed off. Simply put: we stick with one target before moving onto the next.

This year let's focus all our people's rage against Goldman Sachs' offices in 50+ cities worldwide... On Wednesday, meet up at the Goldman Sachs closest to you and let's take this criminal corporation offline for a few hours.

Stay tuned for updates as May Day unfolds...