Is Blankfein Untouchable?

#GOLDMAN kicks off in New York City and Los Angeles.

May 23, Midday Update

Hey #Goldman players,

Our global campaign against Goldman Sachs, the top criminal megabank, got off to a beautiful start today when affinity groups in New York City and Los Angeles kicked off protests outside Goldman Sachs branches. Kudos to the Brandworkers International for organizing the push on the East Coast and to #Goldman-Los Angeles working independently on the West.

Now we build momentum... stay tuned for the next global gameday and in the meantime take a walk by your nearest Goldman Sachs branch and leave behind a few of these posters.

#GOLDMAN: 73 offices, 56 cities.

Tactical Briefing #44

Hey all you hacktivists, jammers and lone wolfs out there,

This Thursday, the people most responsible for the economic crisis we’re all suffering through will gather at 222 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual Goldman Sachs shareholder meeting. They will be laughing behind closed doors rather than rotting in federal prison.

The poster above is the opening shot in a protracted people’s meme war against Goldman.

Print out a few b&w versions and over the next few days stick them up on ATMs, megabank windows and other appropriate places you’re walking by.

Let’s decorate the world with CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s maniacal laugh!

And then on Thursday, meet up at your nearest Goldman Sachs branch. Find locations here.

The moment is ripe for us to harness the raw creativity of leaderless horizontalism and send a clear message to the Exxons, Pfizers, Monsantos, Haliburtons, JPMorgans and Goldmans of the world—that from now on they will pay a heavy price for any betrayal of the public trust.

for the wild,

Culture Jammers HQ

Catch up on the gameplay thus far, read Tactical Briefing #42.

Print this poster and plaster it all over the world!

#GOLDMAN is a real-time game

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The Truth

Another opportunity for Focus on the Food Chain to spread lies and slander innocent people. They go from one bogus "campaign" to another trying to prove that they have a place in our society. Look at their recent history - it is the same story. Spread lies, slander people, go by the word of a few disgruntled employees and make themselves feel important. Name one "campaign" that they saw through from start to finish and tell me the outcome. Continue to have your "fundraising" campaigns to raise a few bucks. Is it me or do they always seem to have one of their "outings" after they raise some money? Have you picnic in LIC under the bridge, get some bread from your favorite bakery, take pictures with about 11 people that will show up - 6 from one family. Your true place was back in the 60's when all of this was a little bit more important. Go get a real job, stop begging for money and stop trying to prove your worth.


This is Revolution, and we are fighting for our lives. Therefore, in order to win we will have to get Medieval with these bastards. If one can't kill the CEO, then kill a spouse, a child of the CEO. Pick one Company at at time in each area of Industry/Banking/Electorate. Kill from the bottom to the top.

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