This is how the revolution begins: #GOLDMAN

Adbusters Tactical Briefing #42.

Hey all you wild spirits out there,

Here is how the Global Spring begins:

A few lone wolves among us start pasting posters in and around Goldman Sachs HQ at 200 West Street, Manhattan, New York. Groups of two or three turn up and hand out leaflets at their branch office at Maria de Molina 6-5a, Madrid, Spain. People start gathering and having fun outside Goldman's offices in 50 cities...

Then . . . on Thursday May 23, when Goldman Sachs holds its annual shareholders meeting at 222 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 500 people turn up and solidarity games are held across the world. It gets serious when thousands start playing on September 17 in front of Goldman's branches in Los Angeles, Toronto, Moscow, London, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Beijing, Mexico City. The media picks up on this fledgling global revolt. . .

And, one fine day, the whole thing suddenly catches fire . . . #GOLDMAN becomes a rallying cry for people everywhere to rise up against the financial fraudsters who have been fucking around with our lives for far too long.

When the moment is ripe, all it takes is a spark.

for the wild,
Kono Matsu / [email protected]
Culture Jammers HQ

P.S. Find teammates and Goldman Sachs locations at

Catch up on the gameplay thus far, here.

Now print this poster, and plaster it all over the world!

#GOLDMAN is a real-time game

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Thanks a lot. You just provoked a 10% increase in the budget of the the US Department of Homeland Security and added every reader of Adbusters to the National Security Agency's watch list. What do you want to do for an encore?

On opacity

Radical politics is defined by opacity, anonymity and dissimulation … and by invisibility: by the political presence of absence.

The power of surprise, of secret organization, of rebelling, of demonstrating and plotting covertly, of striking invisibly, and in multiple sites at once, is the key element that the Invisible Committee, anonymous authors of The Coming Insurrection, affirm for confronting a power whose firepower is vastly superior. To be explicitly visible, to appear explicitly – in a maneuver, in organizing, even in an occupation –“is to be exposed, that is to say above all, vulnerable.”


It doesn't matter what we do or say,
we're all being spied on anyway.
So we might as well be totally open & honest about our revolt & rebellion.
Why should we hide, anyway? We're not the ones who are wrong!


Right, so let's end all public calls for legal, non-violent activism everywhere. Who needs a state security apparatus when we have people like you encouraging people to repress themselves ...

austin lester(f...

f them traitors! seriously though, the criminals within shall be dealt with. Just wait and see... The military will mostly defect and side with the people when the going gets going(soon enough). Treason, sedition are serious, capitol offenses. WE NEVER FORGET. There are too many of us now; their days are numbered.


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