#Goldman Sachs has 73 offices worldwide

And we're going to have some fun in front of every one of them!

Hey all you hacktivists, jammers and lone wolfs out there,

This Thursday, the people most responsible for the economic crisis we’re all suffering through will gather at 222 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual Goldman Sachs shareholder meeting. They will be laughing behind closed doors rather than rotting in federal prison.

The poster above is the opening shot in a protracted people’s meme war against Goldman.

Print out a few b&w versions and over the next few days stick them up on ATMs, megabank windows and other appropriate places you’re walking by.

Let’s decorate the world with CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s maniacal laugh!

And then on Thursday, meet up at your nearest Goldman Sachs branch. Find locations here.

The moment is ripe for us to harness the raw creativity of leaderless horizontalism and send a clear message to the Exxons, Pfizers, Monsantos, Haliburtons, JPMorgans and Goldmans of the world—that from now on they will pay a heavy price for any betrayal of the public trust.

for the wild,

Culture Jammers HQ

P.S. Find teammates and Goldman Sachs locations at

Catch up on the gameplay thus far, here.

Print this poster and plaster it all over the world!

#GOLDMAN is a real-time game

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Yes lets do this! See you Monday, i''m bringing this along.

440 S LaSalle St #1600, Chicago, IL 60605


Is this a joke? Or do you really believe that hashtags are the prologue to revolution? If the utter futility of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrated anything, it's that it takes a lot more than some adolescent desire to "shut it down" to affect major changes in economic policy. So please, blast Pussy Riot, sleep on the sidewalk, make wacky handmade signs - I'm sure those weary Goldman employees could use some entertainment on the way to work.


cheer up man !

yes its a joke -- the better the joke, more people will be involved..

and get rid of your revolutionary ideas... its called evolution...
if you just sulk and do nothing your revolution wont come around anyways !!!

wish you a good one...


Can't say I agree... It had significant impact and defined the narrative of mainstream politics while changing the attitudes of many citizens.


"Prologue to revolution"? No, and I don't think Adbusters see it that way, either. You seem to confuse teleology with causality. "Shut it down" actions are nothing more, or less, than a game, an artistic action, congruent with AB's expressed intention to coax people from spectator to participant in the quest for an ecology of our mental commons. Participate. How do you participate? What action do you advocate? Do you want a "revolution"? What is that supposed to mean? There is no real shutting it down, short of a cataclysm of some sort. There is awareness, and the change it inspires. And of freaking COURSE outlandish and seemingly impossible, absurd actions are helpful, even required. Otherwise, what do we got? Guns? Writing to our congresspeople?


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