It’s Time to Charge BP with Ecocide

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was formed in 2002 to prosecute individuals for breaches of four crimes against peace. They are: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression.

Now a new movement is pushing to have ecocide listed as the 5th international crime against peace punishable by the ICC.

"Ecocide is the extensive destruction, damage to or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished.”

If the movement is successful, the corporations responsible for oil excavation in the Alberta tar sands, the systematic destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the creation of the North Pacific garbage island will finally be held accountable for their crimes against nature.

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Making ecocide a crime is an excellent idea to prevent companies making further mistakes (putting it mildly).
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Ecocide is nice... but it's faint. It's not enough. Those crimes have a proper name already: crimes against humanity. That's how they should be prosecuted.
The right thing to do now would be to extend the scope of the "crime against humanity" species to include all ill-theory-driven or corporation-operated disasters, plus anything causing hard to soft genocides, from slaughters to robbing people of their past (i.e. lifetime savings) and future (hopes).
Abstraction must be fought by abstraction, but the basic concept must hold hard and fundamental: crimes against humanity is quite harder than ecocide, it grips and moves better. Ecocide might be a first step, though.

With all due respect, KaieteurSidmouth, and please don't take this personally, I encourage people to stop with these sorts of Facebok groups. We're all guilty of instant click-satisfaction. I've joined scads of these kinds of groups on Facebook. the problem is, as can be seen time and again, is that they don't translate into real world change, and generally people who join the group get the logo on their profile page, don't really interact with the issue on the page or use the page for organising any coherent strategy. Facebook pages work much better in drawing people's attention to an already established action or campaign strategy taking place elsewhere.

Suffice to say, our reliance on oil is the problem. Oil use levels require the amount of oil drilling, and statistically, when you have this much drilling going on, you're going to have disasters like this. Cutting back oil drilling is the only way to lower environmental catastrophes such as this, and in turn also solve the real problem with his the environmental impact of daily non-distaster oil impact.

I agree drew3000, campaigns and groups often encourage a signature or a one click approval, this in itself doesn’t do much, apart from hopefully inspire the next step and offer the feeling of collective thinking.
Your right our individual acceptance of being addicted to using oil is a huge problem.

somethings money cant buy and somethings it cant clean up, this tragedy has the potential to happen everyday but its an acceptable risk because of the unbelievable amount of money it generates i see how some bible prophecies can be fulfilled... MAN

they need to use a piece of nature to stop the oil gush.

Take the biggest boulder possible, (that the ship cranes can possibly lift) and lower it to a depth just high enough for precision, and drop it to crush everything in it's path. the only reason BP has not found a way to stop the oil gush is because it wants to "salvage" the oil from this reservoir. STOP TRYING TO SALVAGE THE OIL FORM THIS RESERVOIR!!!

Drop a big boulder on it crushing everything in it's path and forget about this reservoir!!!

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