Plans for 2013

Dear Friend of Adbusters Media Foundation,

Occupy was an incredible moment – a mass uprising against the status quo of Wall Street, greed and ecocide. This moment was just the beginning. The emerging global consciousness embodied in movements like OWS and Tahrir Square continues – in North America, the Rolling Jubilee and Occupy Sandy; media reform in Mexico; education reform in Argentina and Quebec, the indignados in Spain, Pussy Rioters in Russia and growing eco-protests all over China – waves of people, young and old, are standing up and fighting against a future that does not compute.

Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics

Here at Adbusters, we’re fighting for a paradigm shift – nurturing the crabgrass that pokes through the cracks. Our 400-page mindbomb, Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics, was published this November by Seven Stories Press in the US, Random House in Canada, Penguin in the UK and Reimann in Germany. Meme Wars calls for a shift in the theoretical foundations of economic science – it deconstructs the Mankiws of the world, who view our streams, lakes and skies as “externalities,” and celebrates the heterodox thinkers who have a new vision for our future. Find out more at

Adbusters En Español

We’ve also been hard at work with the revolutionary language warriors of the Translator Brigade to create a digital Adbusters En Español. Next year we want to bring Adbusters En Español to print and have it sitting on newsstands throughout the Spanish-speaking world, where revolutionary forces are percolating. Check out the most recent issue at


The most ambitious project we have on the go for the Year of the Snake is KILLCAP – a game where people win by living empowered lives, communicating ideas and brainstorming with each other while taking daily direct actions in the real world. This project, which marries gaming with activism, requires us to pull together a team of highly skilled and spirited back-end programmers who can write the code and get the game rolling. The launching of KILLCAP next year could be a breakout moment for activism worldwide.

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