Where is Morsi, Why all the Killings?

What is the Pentagon secretly telling Egypt's military?

President Obama is refusing to call it a coup, declaring that America will not take sides in Egypt . . . meanwhile all the authorized pundits are crawling all over CNN, BBC, the Washington Post, Charlie Rose, the New York Times, feeding us the official version of events . . .

Extreme violence is being used against Morsi supporters who are protesting the deposition of Egypt's first democratically elected president. Upward of 60 Morsi supporters were killed by government forces in Cairo.

Consider this: we all know that America has a lot invested in the future of the Middle East, as US armies pull the strings in the fate of … Egypt,  Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and of course, Israel and Palestine. With all this and more can we really believe Obama's official statement that he is taking a neutral position in Egypt?

What secret diplomatic signals are really being sent between the White House and No.10 Downing . . . between the Pentagon and Egypt's military . . . between the CIA and Mossad . . . what hidden plans do they really have for the future of Egypt and the Middle East? . . . what is the U.S. military intelligence complex really doing in our name?

In a recent press conference, Obama said: “Egyptian people have made clear that President Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government has threatened the pluralistic democracy.” One possibility is that the Pentagon is conspiring with Egypt's military to ensure that a Muslim party won't rule for long in newly-democratic Egypt. Why else is Morsi and his whole team arrested, hidden away, forbidden to talk to their lawyers and families . . . why else has the military today ordered the arrest of the Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie?

But this is just conjecture. More than ever it is clear that the official statements do not mean much . . . that the mainstream media, the press conferences, the pundits, even half the journalists we depended on are regurgitating the official story put out by the White House. While we're kept busy upgrading our iPhones and struggling to get ahead, the powers that be call the geopolitical shots, trigger the drone strikes, rush in covert policies, launch wars in foreign countries and micromanage the fate and future of entire regions – while we are kept in the dark.

Now more than ever we need another Snowden, nay a flurry of Snowdens, to turn on the light and usher in an era of radical transparency in which we the people know what the f*** is really going on.

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The Egyptian army is maintained by United States of Israel. Americans have no say in it.
Western media are continuing to question/deny if the army action is a coup.
Please understand clearly that a coup is by a national army, not by a foreign army.
What has happened in Egypt is not a coup, it is an occupation by a foreign controlled army. Egyptians people will have to free themselves of this occupation. It will be very difficult because few Arab states - probably none - will help them.
IRAN is the only country that may help for moral reasons.
Mursi's biggest mistake was that he tried to be friends with Bloody Obama - an immoral talking head programmed by his Zionist keepers.
Mursi was enforcing the Zionist imposed blockade of Gaza, and broke relations with Seria ..... etc. - shame, Shame, SHAME.


American administration never deals with an idea, it just goes after the skull - the SOURCE.
It never works because the idea does not die with the man.
Do not expect an intelligent or a moral response from the Americans. They are totally brainwashed by their moneylender controlled media.
The CNN coverage of Egypt is shocking. If you want to know what is really going on read Press TV, Al Jazeera, or even BBC - biased but not as bad as American media.

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