Welcoming in the Year of the Snake

What the Water Serpent will bring.


In Chinese Astrology, the snake represents a deep, sensual philosopher…one who is graceful, mystical and dark all at the same time. 2013 will bring in the year of the water snake, signifying that you should save you pennies to fuel your greatest vision, mind your own business, meditate, be a bit weird, and indulge fully in your true hearts desire.

Be inspired by the deeply auspicious Snake who is willing to sacrifice all his possessions . . . who is capable of shedding the past – all burdens – in one full swoop, as it does with its skin.

The Snake is the most intuitive, intelligent, refined, and wise of all archetypes. Sharp, aware, cunning, yet capable of vanity and viciousness: be wary of the weaknesses that come with this energy…a proclivity towards materialism could be the snake’s only downfall . . .

Avoid hectic schedules and noisy atmospheres without forfeiting a taste for culture and elegance. Take excessive doses of calm and quiet, else, you will suffer during this time.

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My Self Symbol in October 1981, when a powerful River Of Light was coursing through my mind, was that of two serpents, or Eternity Twiced.


OK, while on a certain level it can be seen as a powerful image, might it not have been more powerful in the form of a painting?


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