Vigilante Justice

The time has come.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Everyone's excited: Federal prosecutors in New York sued Bank of America today, finally holding them accountable for their sinister mortgage scheme that defrauded the government during the worst of the financial crisis in 2008. Is Obama's government finally bringing about something appropriate in response to the crimes of Wall Street. . .some attempt at, or simulacra of, justice?

Many people are thinking so, and it's easy to connect the dots that way: for on October 9th, United States prosecutors sued Wells Fargo, accusing the mega-bank of lying about the mortgages it handled under a federal housing program, and earlier this month, J.P Morgan was taken to court as well.

Wait a second, though. Look around. Is full-spectrum justice for the crimes of Wall Street being brought about? Have substantial measures been taken to remedy the cancer in the economy, in the nation? Or are these albeit exciting court cases just a light rain, a barely-there relief to our parched and scorched system, trickling in four years later . . . is that how long justice takes? This is too little to late.

Clearly we can't depend on Obama or the fed to right and wrong – apparently, it takes half a decade. We of the 99% have no choice but to take the reigns of justice in our own hands. But what will this vigilante justice look like?