Vigilante Justice

The time has come.

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Everyone's excited: Federal prosecutors in New York sued Bank of America today, finally holding them accountable for their sinister mortgage scheme that defrauded the government during the worst of the financial crisis in 2008. Is Obama's government finally bringing about something appropriate in response to the crimes of Wall Street. . .some attempt at, or simulacra of, justice?

Many people are thinking so, and it's easy to connect the dots that way: for on October 9th, United States prosecutors sued Wells Fargo, accusing the mega-bank of lying about the mortgages it handled under a federal housing program, and earlier this month, J.P Morgan was taken to court as well.

Wait a second, though. Look around. Is full-spectrum justice for the crimes of Wall Street being brought about? Have substantial measures been taken to remedy the cancer in the economy, in the nation? Or are these albeit exciting court cases just a light rain, a barely-there relief to our parched and scorched system, trickling in four years later . . . is that how long justice takes? This is too little to late.

Clearly we can't depend on Obama or the fed to right and wrong – apparently, it takes half a decade. We of the 99% have no choice but to take the reigns of justice in our own hands. But what will this vigilante justice look like?

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L. Andress

To turn the tables we need Wobblies that wont fall down.... We need unity, not individualism. No one ever got anymore all by their lonesome. We need each other, and above all, we need trust.


Set up a dummy corporation and create a situation where you can demand to be protected by the state under the Constitution as a "corporate person".

Get arrested for sleeping on unused property or public space (creating/leaving no disorder) and fight for your right to sleep. Parry all the prosecution's arguments about maintaining an "orderly society" and engage the court on the issue of "end of growth". Remind them that existing property owners are large benefactors of murder and theft OR the largesse of being an "early adopter" in the land bonanza of the US. Is this the most moral or efficient way of allocating the resources of the Public? By the time of Generation X, most "land property" has been parceled out and the consequence of this squeeze is evident in urban areas. What are future generations expected to do?

Sea Gym

vigilante justice? in other words, mob justice. seriously? adbusters is advocating mob rule now? have you considered dragging the ultra rich from their cars and then beating / filming them a la Rodney king? i used to buy adbusters and read it, now i buy it occasionally expecting that i can use it in my classroom with the purpose of bringing new ideas into the classroom. but this article is just too much to stomach, and i think that i'm going to save my $9 next time and spend it on something useful.

now i see that we can piss away the right to a fair and speedy trial, the use of evidence and the assumption of innocence until guilt has been demonstrated. perhaps i'm misinterpreting the article, but to criticize the 1% for tossing out the Magna Carta and then to suggest that we revert to vigilante justice is precisely the reason that i want no part of your "revolution".

if being a part of the 99% means being a part of some righteous, vigilante mob, then i'm out... anyway, homeland security just bought 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition... if you seriously think that you can make war and win and not end up in a secret jail somewhere, then best of luck to you.

haven't you guys clued in yet? the only reason that you camped out at all is because the 1% LET you, and is vigilante justice really what the world needs right now? rather than take matters into your own hands, you should be out there, in those tent cities, working to convince a few million canadians to join you, and THEN things will be really rocking. until then there is no revolution, just a lot of wannabes who just wannabe.

if you can't trust the "1%", why would you ever put your fate into the hands of vigilantes?! if you want to start a civil war, then make sure that you're right up front when the bullets fly, and not hiding out at the back while you simply write about the whole sorry spectacle.

after reading this article i can say that adbusters has simply lost the plot.

now i know why i didn't bother to stop in at Occupy Halifax for more than a half hour.

sea gym

John S

Really? Vigilante justice? What do you do when the people on the other side decide that enough is enough? Do you suppose that they will sit idly by and see society destroyed by people who simply rebel because they have no clue as to how to become successful? PS - the 99% label is totally presumptuous. There is a real 1% at the top, 98% in the middle and a 1% which represents the idiotic, schizophrenic, disaffected, insane, etc who will fall for all of this 1% v. 99% rhetoric.

Jay S

wave the flag as fast as you want, but people are suffering
being broke is no joke and something has to give.
The "successful" have secured their place long ago in this country and now collect the minimums on your ever increasing debt.

Chris Jones

The banks shifted their donations to Romney, so Obama is (finally) allowing the DOJ to do something - but don't hold your breath waiting for the perpwalks and 50-year sentences that you or I would get for .00001% of the same crime.

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