These #mindbombs are about to go viral

... but we need you to bring them to life!

Adbusters is working on a series of 15–second mindbombs: video punches aired on television networks all over the world, put there by jammers far and wide through a monumental crowd-funded campaign.

These powerful metamemes will disrupt the corporate narrative with our message that global consumerism has degraded our mental environment into a wasteland. Our only hope is for a total global mindshift. But how, you ask, will we get there? We launch an all-out meme war that will change the course of history!

Imagine turning on your TV and seeing these explosive messages disrupt your corporate programming. Suddenly, mindbombs go viral on every corner of the Web; people abandon their apathy and Starbucks lattes to join the groundswell that will bring these mindbombs to every major television network possible. Media activists from across the globe are crowd-funding their favorite viral clips, putting them on mainstream news programs on CBS, CNN, FOX, CTV and CBC to kick off the subvertisement revolution.


The usual flow of glossy, pleasant commercials is interrupted suddenly with a jolt of vibrant color bars that pulse to a shattering, high-pitched ring. “ADVERTISING IS BRAIN DAMAGE” flashes on the screen while the noise pierces your eardrums and the message assaults your consciousness. 15 seconds becomes a lifetime but you can’t look away.


A brand logo appears on screen with a bang. It’s a familiar symbol you’ve seen every day at busstops, on TVs, constantly in the corner of your eye. Suddenly, logos are exploding on your TV screen like rapid-fire gun shots. Words slowly emerge to spell out: “ORGANIZED CRIME.”

These ideas are just the beginning, and we need your help. We are looking for visionaries, brainstormers and bold creatives to help us conceive of more 15–second mindbombs to go viral on airwaves all over the world.

If you think you’ve got a revelatory concept for the #MINDBOMBS campaign, contact [email protected] to be part of the beginning of this monumental mindshift that could, at long last, light off the movement we are all waiting for.