Taking submissions for Adbusters #115 now!

Hey wild ones,

We’re now half way through the Blueprint for a New World series, with Psycho, Eco and Corpo behind us, and Techno, Politico and Aesthetico still up ahead. With #114: Corpo about to hit newsstands worldwide next Monday, all of us here at Culture Jammers HQ are busily brainstorming the next issue, Adbusters #115 — Techno.

We are currently living through an unprecedented shift in the very fabric of human existence. As we upload nearly every aspect of our lives to digital lands, our daily experiences are morphing drastically and irreversibly. The way we communicate, the way we court, the way we learn, the way we make love, shop and think is undergoing a total, fast-paced and likely unavoidable transformation.

And now even the most proudly digitized of us are recognizing that this culture of information, porn, social media and gadget overload is taking a toll on our physical, mental and spiritual well-beings. Are we all being swept away in a tidal wave of Technorati culture — the nouveau hipsterdom of the tech-savvy, gadget-addicted, ultra-hip youth?

Share with us your most intimate musings, the tales of your brutal struggle with digital withdrawal and your most gut-wrenching testimonies from both the dark and bright sides of web culture. As reality dies and virtuality thrives, tell us where you think we’re heading as a species, your forebodings of doom and your breakthrough ideas on how we can harness the power of the internet and other technologies to create a sane sustainable future.

Whether you’re already a cyborg or still human, send your submissions and suggestions to [email protected] before June 23, 2014 … We need you to turn this Techno issue into an inspiring mindbomb.