Adbusters Tactical Briefing #40

Six revolutionary scenarios for the year ahead.


Hey all you dreamers, schemers and expectant souls out there,

In 2012, people all over the world shook off the dust of ignorance and idleness and began to fight for a future that computes. Freedom fights broke out across the globe: student uprisings in Quebec, Mexico and Chile, Arab Spring 2.0 in Egypt, austerity protests in Spain, Greece and the UK, Pussy Riot in Russia, the tiqqunists in France, the Zapatistas in Mexico, the indignados in Spain, resistance and protests across Japan, China, Tibet, and most recently, #idlenomore across Canada.

The global wake up calls of 2012 could intensify and culminate in a Global Spring … fierce revolts, insurrections, uprisings, regime changes … stunning mind-shifts in all areas of life!

Here are six revolutionary scenarios that could unfold this year:

  • The global economy could hit the iceberg and capitalism could heave like never before.
  • #GOLDMAN could go viral and unleash a tsunami of rage against Goldman Sach’s 72 offices worldwide.
  • #KICKITOVER – students at Harvard, Paris, Oxford, Cambridge could lead a charge against their neoclassical professors and catalyze a shift in the theoretical foundations of economic science.
  • #WORLDPIRATEPARTY – A group of charged up political rabble-rousers, flying under the Blue-Green-Black banner of the World Pirate Party could start winning local, state and national elections.
  • #KILLCAP – A team of internet visionaries could marry gaming with activism and get a billion people playing a real-world game to defeat capitalism.
  • #AESTHETICO – Glimmerings of a new aesthetic could appear mirage like on the horizon and start eating away at commercial helvetica corpo-cool.

This year, tune in, play jazz … & live a little more on the wild side!

cheers, from all of us here at Adbusters