The time has come for all of us to get involved.


Download, print and pin up this poster all across Canada.

He ditched the Kyoto Protocol, voted against Palestine, violated human rights, passed unconstitutional laws, changed the Indian Act illegally, passed several sneaky and sinister omnibus bills . . . he continues to destroy everything in the way of Alberta's Tar Sands (the most environmentally destructive project on the planet), forsaking the health of the land, air, the lakes, rivers and streams, the lives of animals and humans, all for the sake of the "economy" . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The voices united in Idle No More are rising up to defend treaty rights, the earth and indigenous sovereignty from Harper's threats. And they are doing so respectfully and peacefully, without recourse to violence.

As for the rest of us, we must launch a second branch to this movement, a more aggressive line of defense with a single aim under the banner "#Swaggernomore" . . . take down Harper. He is the one political force standing in the way of a sane, sustainable future – for Canada, and in some respects, for the whole world.

Look around. Idle No More is tripping up Harper's cocky swagger. The hour is ripe . . . Harper, your time is up.

Do your part: download this poster, print it, and plaster it in offices, campuses, windows, notice boards, car windshields and on the streets all across the country.

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You guys couldn't be further from the truth, Harper is the best thing that has ever happened to Canada. All he has done is create a sustainable economic and environmental country for all of us. We are far better of with Harper then any other leader. GO HARPER!!!

Real Canadian

Have you ever been lucky enough to stand within 500 Canadian Metres of Prime Monister Harper? I swear he has magic in his pants. When I saw him I was overcome with the delicious scent of caramel cakes and in my swoon I saw the Canadian shield of rainbow hockey pucks radiating from his lovning gaze. He only wants what's best for us, everyone - but we're too stupid to know it.


I only wish that putting up a few posters could take down a majority government (even if it is the slimmest of majorities).

We need to change the culture surrounding the discussions about our economy and keep up the non-violent resistance. Idle no more is definitely a good start - what concrete things is 'swagger no more' doing?


We.share similar aims with indigenous peoples and Idle No More. Show your support with carefully/purposefully planned Direct Action. All of us should be idle no more and get busy having fun!


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