Spontaneous Democracy

Meme of the Year.

Simultaneous uprisings are happening right now in the Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela and Northern Africa ... meanwhile dozens of latent protest movements are bubbling away in Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Egypt, Iran, Canada, China and the USA. 

We’re living through a revolutionary age. Some of it good. Some of it bad. All of it real.

Just like the world-splitting epochs that were ignited in 1848, 1917, 1968, 1989 and 2011 ... today we have entered into an epic battle between the new democratic aesthetic and counter revolutionary fervour. The world is up for grabs like never before. 

Faced with global warming, dysfunctional economics and secret corruption across the geopolitical spectrum, people have suddenly found the power to unseat autocrats, depose corrupt presidents, make stock markets plunge by 10% and bring cities and whole nations to a standstill. A new kind of governance is emerging, struggling to be reborn against the greatest of odds. And one thing that we know without a doubt is that people are sick of just voting and then waiting for four years or more for something to happen ...

Sudden, spontaneous, bottom up, play jazz democracy is the meme of the year ... watch out!

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We all should WATCH OUT and have a critical mind about who really wants to keep and improve democracy.

We all should WATCH OUT about hidden groups and intentions under some protests.

Protests against a dictatorship are obviously legitimate, but what about those that want to knock down a government legimately elected? By the way, that's the case in Venezuela. In Ukraine, as long as i've been told, too.

We all MUST remember the atrocities the USA have done and sponsored around the world in the name of democracy... with second intentions. In the past, several democratic governments in Latin America have been replaced by bloody dictatorships in the name of democracy and reactionary moral values with all the help they could get from USA.

Why does USA question Cuba, Iran and Venezuela governments about human rights, democracy etc., and do nothing about other friend countries, like... Israel, Saudi Arabia???

Those are some chaotic and exciting times, but tradition and reactionarism very often show their teeth. They will not be replaced or renewed without a very good fight!


In Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro won by 50,66% against 49,07% for the opposition leader Henrique Capriles. Capriles didn't recognize the results and declared it was a fraud and the government never accepted to recount the votes. So not entirely legitimate as you say...


What is entirely to you? 100%... In an election, majority wins... There was no third candidate. Maduro won. As simple as that. Live with it.

Asking to recount votes is a traditional rethoric for candidates who loses by a little difference. But it is still a defeat. It must be admitted and the oposition can try again next time, and they can DEBATE until it comes.

Lepoldo Lopez replaced opositions voice and said Maduro should be thrown down before the next electins. This attitude is AGAINST democracy. By the way, any radicalism on Venezuela was feed by the USA on both sides. That is what happens when there is too much external interference. There would be less violence and more dialogue if they were by themself.


Although the violence on both sides should be vehemently opposed the difference in votes is negligible. Its well within the range of error for a large polling sample like an entire nation's voting population. A recount in certain key districts, or even a national recount if necessary, should have been a natural step to ensure that whoever won did so decidedly and legitimately.


"And one thing that we know without a doubt is that people are sick of just voting and then waiting for four years or more for something to happen".

Yes, one should wait four years or a bit more to elect another government.

BUT it does not mean you can do nothing! Come on! Democracy is about dialogue, debate! Not puting governments down! Democracy is about participation and elections! Not all places have a deeply vicious election process like the USA.

Sometimes you seem to just want this world circus on fire...


You mean "simultaneous legitimate government overthrows are in progress everywhere as the 1% seeks to cement their control worldwide" doncha?

I reiterate: Venezuela has a DIRECT DEMOCRACY - where the people themselves vote on every legislation. The 1%ers there hate that, and are working with the US to take it back, and as they did in 2004, shred their constitution. Thats only one example.

These are not people-power uprisings. Sigh... you are applauding CIA infiltrated, orchestrated coups.

Diane Gee


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